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    Jan 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by sailaway View Post
    Every time I made a trip in to the area, I came back cut up from head to toe. Any open areas are covered with cat claw brush. The hillsides are steep and densely covered with trees. The ridge line is the best off trail route to see the mining district.
    I have the same problem with getting cut up or pricked. Got a pair of turtleskin armor pants that I'm keen to try next time I'm out there.
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    Mar 2014
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    When I am in there I wear Snake Guards, and that is about the only place that is not bleeding when I come out. They have saved my life as there are many different kinds of rattlers in there. Stopped one time in a small pit and every good sized rock had one sunning on it. Buddy that was with me come stood beside me and wanted to know why I stopped and they all started rattling! scared him so bad that we went to the truck and he never went back there again. (that was very close to the cliff dwellings) That was my first sighting of an all black rattle snake, not just Dark but coal black. Black rattlers are very hard to see when in dark areas, so be very careful where you stick your hands. I also use a very sturdy octagon extruded aluminum walloping stick for beating cat claw out of my path, and other things that may get you. For larger things I have my stainless steel machete to chop the thickets that are too tough for just beating out of the way. Like the first time I went into Rogers Canyon and Leonard Skinner Jr. stood in the middle of a Palo Verde tree jumping up and down screaming he could go no farther up hill. On the way back to the Cliff Dwellings was the first sighting of the gold as it shone a beam of reflected yellow sunlight from the hill side, which we stopped and pondered. Not having much time as the sun was setting quickly we took off to sleep at the cliff dwellings. Only thing he got out of going to Arizona was there were big rattle snakes, you would die of thirst leaning against a Saguaro cactus and everything there wants to kill you. I used to carry a Bowie knife but left it by the two Quartz Feet over the Cliff Dwellings. Also be careful if your in the Rogers Mining District as I am sure there is a Jaguar on that ridge as I heard it coming one night grunting as it walked towards us, sounded so bad we were in the tent with guns drawn listening to pebbles rolling down from above as it went by. I do not think Cougars grunt is why I believe it was a Jaguar. Sounded like a cat with a very deep voice barking in very short staccato. Bro, Bro, Bro was a very guttural sound like calling for a mate or for young to follow. I was outside the tent when I heard it coming for several minutes before my trail partner heard it. This was because he had his radio playing, which he turned off as soon as he heard it, so he heard it over rock n roll out of a pocket radio. No idea why anyone would go to the wilderness to listen to the radio, to each his own though.
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    Aug 2008
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    Cool story brah

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    Mar 2019
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Folks just north of the pinto valley bridge the old silver mine known as the Gibson Mine.

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    Dec 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by billyjoe View Post
    Folks just north of the pinto valley bridge the old silver mine known as the Gibson Mine.
    billy...i think you mean south...i have been there years ago...i think it could possibly be gated now...have you been there recently?


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