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Thread: Evidence supporting the theory that the LDM is North and not east.

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    Mar 2018
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    sgtda do you just set around & make this b.s. up. WOW

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    Mar 2018
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    Too long of a read BLESS
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    Mar 2018
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    Just use mules & packs

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    My opinion based on my experience

    I think the LDM was a pinch vein. A pinch vein is very rich at the surface, then as you go deeper and further, it pinches out. It is usually mined out very quickly. A one man operation, it could be completely mined out in a few years. I learned about this phenomena in the Cripple Creek district in the middle 1990's. All my mining plans were pushed aside by a huge mining company. You can learn a lot from reading 100 year old mining reports in a ghost town library.
    A good metal detector going over the tailings of such an operation, should be able to pick up some rich ore. A nice piece of float found, should be recorded with a good GPS. That and a possible adit or shaft nearby would solve this legend. I have found some very rich ore here in Colorado, but it was always small samples.
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    Mar 2018
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    Marius your English & penmanship is improving especially compared too the lost dutchman soothsayers I especially love the Wells Fargo manifest too San Francisco per Jacob Walsh & the carpenter that made a rocker box for Jacob Walsh. If their is a vein you do not need a rocker box. LOL LOL LOL

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    If your testing following placer to a vein and hit a good spot a dry washer comes in mighty handy. Especially in the desert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ink View Post
    sgtda do you just set around & make this b.s. up. WOW
    Ink you have been warned multiple times about insulting members and you obviously are not listening to the warnings so maybe this will get your attention. On your return if you return post by our rules as timeouts will double when they are for the same offense.
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    You know, with all of the luck people have had to the south, I say we all meet in Payson and start digging, this weekend. Whom may I expect to see there?

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    Sep 2018
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    I have been away from here for a while but still believe the ore under Jacobs bed came from the north.

    While he had a claim in the Superstions three patented claims in the Bradshaw area, south of Prescott.

    I don’t believe his ore came from any of the four.

    I believe the ore originated in a patented mine called the Valencinna near Bumble Bee.

    There is a long association between Jacob and Jack Swilling and a long connection between both and Miguel Peralta whose father was one of the original owners of the mine.

    I believe Miguel lived on Jacobs property near the salt river for a period of time.

    There was an article in the Phoenix Prospector about a year after Jacobs death describing a deal he had to recover gold ore hidden after a three day running gun battle with raiding Apache.

    I believe the route traveled was the military road between the town of Bumble Bee and the Cave Creek mining district.

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    Oct 2012
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    Hi Steve and welcome back .

    I believe the ore below Waltz deathbed were not from Valenciana mine , because an assay from that mine in 1864 found its ore at 100$ per ton . A big difference between the Waltz ore value and Valenciana/Valencia .
    You will find interesting the debate about the Valenciana mine at James Addison Reavis would be proud

    If your true to your heart,you will never go wrong.The truth is the truth,no matter how you look at it,and in every treasure story and legend there is a grain of truth . It's up to your spirit and heart to know the difference. NP


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