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Thread: Did the "Lost Pegleg Mine" ever exist?

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    Feb 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletprobe View Post
    where is this picture taken in what state and the name of the mountain the peg leg mine is true in is located in canada
    Holy cow.........stop derailing the threads ( this and Swift Mines).

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    Jun 2015
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    that what my grand farther told me when he was still alive tht the lost peg leg mines are true and it is also located in canada like the mines of jonathan swift the jonathan swift mine s is located in a different province of canada and the peg leg mines is also located in a different provinces of canada my friend that what my grand farther told me when he was still alive my friend

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    Jun 2015
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    hi gollum where is this located of your picture my friend pls reply gollum if ever you read this message my friend

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    Jun 2015
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    Hey bulletprobe, Are you the same one that said the Lost Dutchman mine was found in Canada or was found by a Canadian ?
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    Jun 2015
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    the lost dutchman mines is located in the usa i am not the one who said that the lost dutchman is located in canada my friend simon1 that what my grand farther told me when he was still alive my friend

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    Feb 2006
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    Perhaps bulletprobe has various legends and stories confused. There are more than a few lost mine and lost ledge tales from Canada that have major references to people with peg legs. A few of these stories refer to the finder as someone called Pegleg.

    The legend this section of the forum refers to is that of a certain Pegleg Smith who, when journeying from Yuma to Los Angeles in the early 1800s, found what were later identified as gold nuggets.
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    Mar 2015
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    Hey guys I have been looking for information about Hank Brandt mine for a couple days and am getting excited to look around for it once fire season is over I'll be back home in socal. Sounds like it is on the boundaries of the carrizo impact zone or just inside any idea. Also I'm curious and am going to ask some family friends the Brandt's of Brandt's beef in imperial county If there is any relation to Hank Brandt. Wild chance but maybe.

    PLL if you know anything I would love to hear more
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    Hello Mike: I interview Roy Rousch several years ago about this Desert Magazine story on the Peg Leg Story. Roy and I have been friends for many years and he is famous in the old Treasure Hunting Circles. Many of you out there may have heard of him. He and Jack Pepper, the editor of Desert were the best of friends and together went on many Treasure Hunting adventures. My brother and I were privileged to have joined the two on one of there hunts. Roy told me in NO uncertain terms that Jack admitted he dreamed up that whole series of stories on Peg Leg to enhance dwindling magazine sales, and it worked. So, my suggestion to Peg Leg Researchers is to discount that series of stories as pure fabrication. By the way, Roy Rousch is still alive in his late 80's and still as sharp as ever. If you contact him he will verify what I have related to you. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis


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