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    The Great Cavern of the Shawnee

    Hello all ye Swifthunters,

    Not quoted exactly but generally speaking as I understand it, Swift says, we met at a certain fork of the Big Sandy Creek we drew lots to see who would work the differint mine locations. We split up and one group went southwest to work the "Lower Mines" and my group traveled due west a considerable distance to work the "Upper Mines", I very seldom visited the Lower mines. We continued west and crossed a river that was unknown to us (specutively the Licking River), we continued westward and went down a creek/ridge in a southwesterly direction. Monday said if I were on the other side he could find the Indian Trace it was some miles below. We then crossed a rockbridge that the water flowed under (Swift Creek I presume), then we continued west looking for the Indian Trace. Monday found the Indian Trace and said if he could find the "Myrtle Thicket" he would know the way to the mines from there. Monday crossed the creek and was gone all day, Monday returned and said he found the Myrtle Thicket, he said I know the way from here, he took us to a place where the Meccas camped? (The next Day)
    Then we went down an "Indian Staircase" and "crossed the creek" and climbed up to in between the second or third level and walked about 200 feet, "west again", to the entrance to the mine. The mine was in a cliff in the shape of a half-moon, just above the entrance to the mine is a chessnut burr looking rock.
    Just speculation here but since this was their first trip to the silver mine, Munday must have been looking for the Shawnee Cave with the silver mine in it, since he went down an Indian Staircase that he was familiar with. Monday said that previously as a young man he and his father and uncle were prospecting and had been attacked by indians and his father and uncle were killed. He was taken captive by the Shawnee and had probably been forced to work this mine before as a captive/friend of the Shawnee.
    So if they crossed the creek climbed up to the second or third level and "walked west", that means the creek they crossed ran north and south. This would place the mine/cave just up above the creek on the west side, (Old Indian rumor was that you could throw a stone and hit the creek from one of the mines). The Great Cave of the Shawnee not only had a silver mine in it, but was used as a burial cave, as well as, a hiding place for sacred religious artifacts/safety/refuge in times of war/trouble, etc. The Great Cave/Cavern is a very sacred place to the Shawnee as I believe many special/important ancestors are buried within it.
    Several times in the past Shawnee Native Americans have came to the Red River Gorge area to seek it out to find, "what they said was a burial cave containing the remains of an important peace woman/princess. I also believe from things I have heard from other reputable sources that possibly Tecumseh and his father and other important Chiefs and Shaman are buried there. Also as everyone knows who follows the Swift legend that much wealth was stored in the cave from their mining exploits/endeavors.
    I have also heard that an eternal flame burns within the cave, (a natural gas vent). There is even said to be a magnificant green emerald buried with Tecumseh, his name means shooting star or panther (Green eyes) crouching in wait. On the night Tecumseh was born (approx. 1768) a "green shooting star" was visible in the night sky, it was a powerful omen to the shaman, that this was a special child, thus he was given the name Tecumptha, (Read from a biography on Tecumseh).
    There are several carvings that pertain to the location of the Shawnee cave, one such carving that a group of Native Americans were looking for was the 102_^ carving, its tale points up to the cave, another carving is the "Owl". "I believe" the middle mine that Swift speaks of in his journal is the Great Cave/Cavern of the Shawnee, and just over the hill from the mine within a couple hundred feet is a Buffalo Rock. It is said by Swift if you stand up above the Buffalo Rock you can see a door or hole in the cliff about a mile west. Such an important place as this would be the center of my survey for sure!!!!
    In my research to locate the mines and cave I have utilized the carving that I believe was left by Swift to relocate his mines astronomically it is known as the the Square, Compass and Trowel Carving or survey done by Swift, (Carvings of Lower Devils Creek). I also use the other various carvings in the RRG area also as additional guidance, evidence, reinforcement or proof that this is the signified area of the mines/cave that all the carvings are pointing/signifying/relating to, as they all pertain to the same area. The Kelly Dunn Map I believe also shows the location of the cave. It is even possible that the sister bell to the Liberty Bell/that was lost/stolen in transport to America at that time and was cast of gold may even be hidden within the cave or in the immediate area of the mines, as Swifts map depicts a bell, (Which means treasure).
    John Filson was also familiar with the Swift mines, and as he stated (Land Grants etc.), he said that he surveyed out the "richest mine" and put it in the "middle" of a 1000sq. acre square. He stated that he positioned the corners of the square to the cardinal points of the compass, N.S.E.W. So this survey done by Filson was probably also the richest mine or what the men called the middle mine that Swift speaks of as well, in his journal. Swifts map would also certainly be present within the area of the mines/cave indicating his paths of travel through the area and related cache sites, depicted by the symbols on his map as well.


    Bill N. -aka- (The Swizard on T-net)

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