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    nomad roman numeral 2

    Nov 2009
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    isnt that about what a full engine would weigh ? i think you would have to be a pretty big fella to even contemplate using that magnet ? maybe if any of you drinks enuff brewski's and gets beer muscles you'll buy one ? i want to see the videos ? tooo !

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    Feb 2007
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    I remember at looking to buy one in the neighborhood of 200 pounds pull. Even then I would have had to sign a waiver (it can smash your fingers flat) and shipping was crazy (some kind of big box with magnet in center out of range of other metal and electronic devices). Can't say I wouldn't like to have 1000 pound pull, but I think I settled for 40-50 pounds pull.

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    When you purchase these magnets please notify your receiving company of the contents (US POST OFFICE < UPS < FED X ) someone could get hurt in the shipping. I bought one and notified my post office. When it came it was in a single wrapped piece of carboard. They thanked me for notifying them. I showed them what it could do even wrapped like it was and they realized I was glad i told them to be on the look out for it
    Only TWO things in the world that spook my horses THINGS THAT MOVE and THINGS THAT DON'T MOVE !!!

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    Nov 2017
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    Nov 2017
    Smith Mt. Lake Va.
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    Nov 2012
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    I have used my 400 lb magnet and had it stuck to a metal boat dock leg and had to get a shovel to retrieve it. a 1000 pound pull magnet if stuck to flat surface like a car body or large plate metal is very very difficult to remove and in most cases (deep water) is written off as a loss. They work well in many areas because they can pull the target items form a distance (from the side as it goes by) where the lesser pull magnets cannot. many items pulled up are very difficult to remove from the magnet and in some cases have had to be taken back home to accomplish that. The 1000 pound magnets that are two 500 units back to back (two sided) seem to be better suited and even though they still have difficulties they are much less trouble than the one sided 1ooo pounder. check at 4:35

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    Youtube ~ GaffleBab

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    Ha! Definitely could end up spending way too much time figuring how to remove things. Bowwinkles certainly summed up my thoughts on this!

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    Nov 2005
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    Don't they make electromagnets? Cut off the electric, cut off the magnetism?

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    Apr 2016
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    I wouldn't think that the electricity in the electromagnets would be friendly in the water.



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