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Thread: Found a knife magnet fishing should I call the cops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stringtyer View Post
    If you just want to give the knife to the local constable, go ahead and give them a call. If you offer it for use as a potential crime weapon, kiss it goodbye before you let it go. I "did the right thing" and turned in a pistol I found to see if it had been involved in a crime. I'm having a heck of a time getting it back.
    If you turn anything over to authorities make them give you a property receipt. That way it's treated as found property and you can claim it after the prescribed period. Especially bicycles!!!!! They'll tell you just take them. But if something happens later down the road you have documentation you recovered it, turned it in, and it's yours now.
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    If I ever thought about going magnet fishing, watching this makes me never want to try it.
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    Of course the title of the video is a lure to get you to watch. Having lured me in, I watched all of it and enjoyed what I saw. The kids were fabulous. I liked the constant movement of the camera. The shooting style kept my interest and gave the video an authenticity which made it appealing. The content was fast paced and varied. I liked the shots of the rope moving near the kids feet as the magnet was thrown out. You wonder if it will intangible around the child's foot as it unwinds. Dad clutching his sons yellow shirt from behind as the child cast out the magnet. I liked seeing how hard it was to remove the magnet stuck on a beam on the dock. Congrats on an enjoyable video.


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