Mexico magnet fishing in Dec. ??
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Thread: Mexico magnet fishing in Dec. ??

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    I'm Hoping

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    Mexico magnet fishing in Dec. ??

    Visiting Mexico City. Many good spots BUT, the cops don't trust you to be doing good. My friend is a high powered lawyer that has been with me and he does a good job of scarring the cops and busy bodies away. Pictures can put me in jail so..... You find a lot of car parts, old kitchen appliances, and knives. Passer buys think I'm "Local", (nuts). We have found some very valuable items also.
    Traveling with your magnet can be a LOT of fun and possible pay for some or all of your trip. I'm having a lot of fun and in my case my 18 day stay is paid for.

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    Sounds like that friend is very valuable also. good data.

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    Mexico magnet fishing in Dec. ?? not sure its Dec. ? not sure ur in Mexico ? or not sure ur magnet fishing ? so now im curious ? what very valuable would be ? maybe when u return to U.S where it safer u would like to boast and show us some of ur very valuable finds ? and i can be more envious. as its very hard for me to go out and have fun and look for treasure myself. so i have to look forward to others to do it. forgive me. i'm a zombie !
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