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Thread: Education/ degrees/ universities

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    well I can tell you that in some cases a degree is not needed to provide for yourself or family. For example, you don't need a degree to be a truck driver a CDL A, yes, but a degree no. There are skilled trades an apprenticeships that you can do without a degree. My older brother is a master pipefitter and a journeyman electrician. He has a great job with the VA.

    I am the first person in my family to ever get a degree and I was able to get it because I had the GI Bill from serving in the Army 6 yrs (DeepseekerADS...my last unit was 704th MSB, Ft Carson, CO 4th Inf Div).
    Anyhow, with my degrees (Drafting and Design, BSME (Mechcanical Engineering) , MSE (Aviation and Aerospace Engineering), it has opened more doors and opportunities to provide more. I could not work in my field without my degrees, like a doctor cannot practice medicine without their degrees, or a lawyer practice law without their degrees. I currently work for Boeing on the F18 Super Hornets and Super Blues (next Blue Angels) and also on the F16 conversion to drone. I love what I do and get paid very well for it and it has allowed me to pretty much do what I want as far as hobbies go, but I REALLY love what I do!!! I mean how cool is it that I get to play around some very cool aircraft!?!

    I agree with Professor of Engineering and if your math skills are strong, then seek a science based degree or something science based that may compliment your Justice degree.

    I have a friend that into fossil diving like me and she volunteers at the Univ. of Florida on digs and loves helping out, that may be an option for you as well wherever you live.
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    I guess I could say that I have a fart in a windstorm degree because it covers a lot of areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan-Drake0075 View Post
    Hello, I was curious to know is getting a degree needed our useful? Or is it a waste of time and money? If its useful, any good universities that offer programs? And specific majors I should look into? Thanks for your time!
    weeeeeeeeeeell. i went to school and got a license. and look where i'm at today ? no you can t ask ? its a secret or too embarrassing i hav'nt decided yet ?


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