Wrapping your coil wire for less EMI, more Depth
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Thread: Wrapping your coil wire for less EMI, more Depth

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    May 2010
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    Wrapping your coil wire for less EMI, more Depth

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    Thank you Terry,that was most informative.

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    Bob and Denise

    Apr 2021
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    Good info! Thanks!

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    Bill B

    Sep 2010
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    Terry…thank you I will re wrap the coil wire

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    Aug 2013
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    Good tip Terry!
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    You just have to make sure your skin is thicker than your coat.

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    Jul 2010
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    I've always run my wire straight to the lower and middle rod junction and secured it with wire ties there, but then started a tight wrap on the middle rod immediately after the juncture. No other ties added from there to the control box. I have had no EMI issues with any of my single frequency machines. The Equinox can get testy though with bridling EMI at times. I will experiment with this method.

    I have seen tectors run the wire straight up the entire shaft and then wrap the excess right below the control box. I am bound to test that first. I like my current method because it lets me quickly swap coils without extra tie wraps, but if it helps me in EMI with the NOX, it'll be worth it. I own lower rods for every coil I own for most any detector I own.

    I quickly found early in my time learning the hobby, that a loose, floppy coil wire definitely creates falses in swinging. I thought it weird when I watched actual videos from reps of manufacturers exhibiting poorly wrapped cable wires.

    I will definitely explore running the wire straight, further up the shafts. I am pretty sure that I tried it at least once, likely on a non multi mode unit, but not as a test plan surrounding EMI. Any and all help it may give with my two Equinox detectors will be appreciated. I detest having to run sensitivity below 15, close to ten sometimes, in some places where my single frequency machines run fine.

    Thanks Terry.
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    Dec 2012
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    Nuttin' new about that. The Minelab Explorer series (Etrac, Safari,etc) and the CTX 3030 run their coil wires straight up inside the shafts, no winding until the wire is close to the control unit.
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    Nov 2012
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    Terry, I was hoping for a minute it was a gag about wrapping your head with tin foil!
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