Randsburg, Ca.
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    Oct 2005

    Randsburg, Ca.

    Hi everyone, I've done some coin shooting in the past few years and now I'm interested in trying my luck with nugget shooting.

    I would like to know the general area around Randsburg that I can run down my batteries and kick some rocks. How far off a particular road would be real helpful.

    Any info would be appreciated--Pic

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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    im new to nugget shooting also ,i own a whites mxt nothing fancy for the nuggs but just joined the oc49ers and they have qiute a few claims in the area. i am looking forward to going and spending some time out there, if interested ya can go as a geust and possibly join there club.let me know cuase im always looking for some company and someone with the drive to go and spend some time out there. we could meet out there. john

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    Dec 2007
    california city,ca
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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    i'm out in california city,i dont belong to any clubs yet but i'd like to..i have a lobo super traq and like to give nugget hunting a try.. bill

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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    High desert with hundreds of open shaft (pit) mines that are a hazard waiting for a chance to happen.

    Extremely cold in the winter and as hot as Death Valley in the summer.

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    Desert Rat

    Mar 2007
    Ridgecrest, California
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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    Try the goler gulch area, just to the north of randsburg in the el paso range. A lot of open deep shafts so watch your step.

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    Jan 2008
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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    Also, there are many claims in that area. Do your homework and don't play where you don't have a right to.

    "Irony is the rule"

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    Sep 2004
    Southern California
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    Re: Randsburg, Ca.

    The Randsburg area is large... actually both eluvial and alluvial nuggets, as well as eolian can be recovered in the greater area. There is a Tertiary channel that "day-lights" in the El Paso range... To join a prospecting club having claims is a good way to be able to go out and detect without trespassing.

    One of the less expensive clubs is the Antelope Valley group. They are very active and not only dry wash and detect in the desert, but also coin hunt in parks as well as dectect both salt and fresh water beaches. They also participate with the West Coasters in putting on one of the best seeded/planted hunts.



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