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    I can dig it! "WP"

    Mar 2007
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    Re: 2- 1/2 Ounce Nugget this weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by frank
    Goodguy, click on the photo of the nugget in the banner at top you will link to the story and details you asked.
    Thanks Frank,

    Yep, I missed the rendezvous with you guys again this year
    Still haven't had a chance to break in my new drywasher
    Oh well, I suppose there is always next year.

    Here is the link to your post for others who wish to read the details: http://forum.treasurenet.com/index.p...tml#msg3123448


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    Apr 2003
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    Re: 2- 1/2 Ounce Nugget this weekend

    Thanks for the link Good Guy!

    If any of you want to short-cut the link, here's Frank's great little story of discovery. (Hope you don't mind the quote Frank, as now this will be with your story here on the gold prospecting, metal detecting forum.)

    Quote Originally Posted by frank
    No problem Rockdoc, but 1st let me say I have no clue what "Banner" means ??

    I damm near didn't make it down there for the gathering. I guess somebody "upstairs" saw a way for it to happen.
    I loaded up the truck at 3:30 A.M. Sat morning an took off, it was drizzeling rain an by the time I hit the 40 interstate south of Kingman I was going thru a mix of heavy rain and snow.
    Slowed down to about 40-45 and had to dim the lights to see.
    I considered twice about turning around an going home, thinking what am I getting into
    Something kept me going foward instead of turning around.
    I was thinking about seeing all the guys again and I just love that atmosphere of a group of Gold Hunters at camp swappin lies at the fire at night.
    And commin back to camp each day an seeing what all was found.
    Ain't nothin like it, wish I was 20 again and could look foward to another 40 or 50 years of doin it.

    Anywho, it went like this,
    I started off covering side hills and some flat benches above the washes, that lasted awhile then the horrible temptation to get down into the wash came !!
    Just knowing what would be ahead of me in the wash I was hesitant.
    I've had a summer filled with diggin holes to China in washes for the ultimate piece of trash.
    Started hittin signals thru some big rocks so that involved diggin around them to form a depression to turn then over into cause they were too big to just lift.
    After doing that a few times and having it turn out to be the rock I got the drift of the hot rocks there an what they looked like.
    Backed OFF on the power of the 3500 a bit to alleviate that syndrome an continued on with a few pieces of trash dug.

    Then I hit an
    Interesting signal at first, after moving 3 good sized rocks from digging the hole the signal turned to aawww f#$% another large trash piece
    (overload) at about 7-8 inches down. Then I kept digging I was using the Ol Minelab Turdy-5-hundred with a 16" NF SL mono (love that analog) and even though
    I cut a good sized hole I couldn't be quite sure exactly where the signal was from with the large diameter coil on.
    So I called up the hill from where I was for Glenn and Mike to come down Glenn had a 5000 with the new 6x8 NF coil on it so that was perfect for getting
    a direction on the dig.
    Once I got that I started digging deeper in that direction at about 12-14 inches I started taking big scoopfulls 1 at a time out and waving it over
    Glenns coil
    waiting for him to say signal or not. Then 1 scoop had the target and I dumped some into 1 hand and it was still in the scoop,
    then I picked out this good sized rock out of the scoop and just before I waved it over his coil I looked at him an said Tell me you don't have a signal anymore thats what he said NO SIGNAL !!

    WOWSA WOWSA, in my brain I knew I had something good then in my left hand a dirty rock that gave an overload, brushed it once with the other hand an saw a glint of color, thats all it took popped that baby in my big mouth and it came out a muddy hunk of gold an quartz.
    Then the dancin started ,... I looked like the ol timer in Bogarts "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" jumpin an praisin Mother Earth !!!!
    Then I filled the hole went back to camp where Bunk was and said go get a new set of underwear I got somethin to show ya.
    After that our "long distance bartender" Shep showed up with the "Cabo Wabo" the rest is history.
    But I'm still recuperating
    I'm callin it the Vampire Nugget because thats what it looked like a set of vampire dentures
    All the best,

    Nothin' quite as fun as chasin' sassy gold! http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/me...mysteries.html

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    Sep 2004
    N.W. Arizona
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    Re: 2- 1/2 Ounce Nugget this weekend

    Thanks guys , just got home from 6 days in the field, scared up almost a quarter oz. more but no big ones.
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    Nov 2006
    N.E. Ohio on lake Erie
    ** I use only top name brand detectors *****
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    Re: 2- 1/2 Ounce Nugget this weekend

    WOW , That would sure make my day.. my week .. my month... even ..my year.. nice going.
    ".. Let no one know what , when , or where .."

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    Feb 2009
    garrett ace 250, gold scorpion.
    2 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: 2- 1/2 Ounce Nugget this weekend

    All i can say is great find. Hope there's more in the future.
    Life is not the way it's supposed to be; It's the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference. Do your best let God do the rest.

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    Mar 2012
    Greenwood SC
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    Good Gosh!!

    Now that's a nugget to write home about! Congrats on a super find!!
    So far, this is the longest I've ever lived. ~ Sigman Fraud

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    Jan 2012
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    "Way to go" Congratulations!

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    Feb 2012
    North Pole
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    Congratulation. From Hamid under sand.

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    Mar 2012
    U.P. Michigan
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    Nice find hope you find more !

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    Feb 2012
    Prather CA
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    I notice you hunt with several detectors, can you tell me which one you found this beauty with, and approximately how deep it was. Great piece and continued success.

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    "John Holmes Jr."

    Nov 2011
    French Gulch, North Calif.
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    30 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by frank View Post
    I detected a beautiful specimen nugget this weekend in Arizona.
    Hope you enjoy the pictures
    Super find! Frank: What type of metal detector did you use ahd how deep was this beauty in the ground.
    My Mama Never raised No Fool... I Was Adopted!

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    Mud is offline
    Dec 2008
    Buford, Ga
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    May 2008
    lakelinden mi
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    which detector found the beauty.

    care to give that info up.
    I hate to discriminate but some times you have too!

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    Feb 2012
    CTX 3030; The only metal detector I'll ever need
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    Nice piece of gold.


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