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    gold in east coast

    Hey all,
    I am new to this post, and treasure hunting in general. I have been reading alot of posts about gold in the east coast, but I was wondering if there are any KNOWN places to go and pan for gold. Because I am new to it, I would like to go to a place that had guides to teach me technique. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Lookin in Ga. !

    Sep 2005
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    Re: gold in east coast

    I am from middle georgia and there are several places where you can go from North Carolina on down through north GA. Do a search and you will find lots of places to hunt for gold and also gemstones! There are also places where you buy a bucket of dirt and they teach you how to pan it out. People actually do find some gold this way. Same thing with rubies and other gemstones.You buy a bucket and they have the facilities for you to pan it out. Also for a fee they will take you on a gold hunting trip down one of the north GA streams and they show you what to look for and what to do.
    Needed...........female partner to help dig! :-)

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    Re: gold in east coast

    Welcome !

    You Don't mention What part of the East coast you live.

    Here is a List of the Gold Prospectors Clubs.


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    Aug 2006
    Melbourne, Florida
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    Re: gold in east coast

    What about hot spots, that are not run by the mining tourism industry, where we can metal detect for free? I'm planning a trip to northern Georgia and the Carolinas in May/June. There are plenty of streams and lakes up there, that supposedly have gold in them, but which ones are free for the taking? I can't afford to pay for dirt. Jeff

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    Re: gold in east coast

    "there are several places where you can go from North Carolina on down through north GA. "
    What are the details for the places that you can pay in NC and Ga.? Do they have websites or just phone numbers and either way do you have any of that info? Thanks

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    Re: gold in east coast

    My sister and I are taking a trip next month to Lumpkin County. I have been researching for 2 months trying to find places to go. Here are some sites to check out for Nugget Hunting.



    Gold n' Gem Grubbin
    75 Gold Nugget Lane
    Cleveland, GA 30528
    Phone: 706-865-5454

    Listing of Gold Mines in Georgia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/list_of...nes_in_georgia

    Georgia's Nugget Hunters Club: http://www.nuggethunters.org/

    Also, check your local archives & records for past gold finds.. I found an old map where it lists names/places of placer finds from: http://www.libs.uga.edu/darchive/hargrett/maps/lum1.jpg

    State Listings for GEMS and GOLD MINES: http://www.emkika.org/mines.htm


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    Aug 2006
    Melbourne, Florida
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    Re: gold in east coast

    Thanks for the links, MrsGoldigger. I also live in Florida and will be going up to Lumpkin County and the surrounding areas soon. Maybe I'll see you up there, if you're still there in May/June. I'll be the fairly short, blond-haired guy, with a beard and mustache, carrying a green, talking Garrett CX3 metal detector, a shovel, a pan and a fanny pack. lol If you spot me, be sure to say hi. I may go to one of those tourist trap places, just once, in order to learn proper panning techniques, but then I'll be off to do my own prospecting. I just can't see paying for second-hand dirt when I can do the work myself. My thinking is that those commercial tourist mines must be making a hefty profit or they would be panhandling for gold themselves, rather than selling the dirt to tourists. Maybe they remove the larger nuggets first, before they sell the dirt? Or maybe they aren't so picky where they get their dirt from? Not sure how that works. I may be trying to do this for a living though, so I'm going to have to get my feet wet (literally lol). Any advice from the pros is always welcome though. SS

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    Re: gold in east coast

    If I see ya, I will say hi.. I am tall, skinny, with blonde hair and my sister is short and has short reddish hair. I will be carring a bunch of Garrett Gold Pans, Detector and Gear as I am a Garrett Dealer (I get all my gear at cost)... We are thinking the same thing, why would they just let us find and keep all their gold.. If I owned one, I wouldnt let people on my land, UNLess I could get people to pay me to dig in my plain old dirt pile.

    I have been looking for free places to go and I am researching homesteads that may have gold on their private property - I will just knock on the door and ask if we can pan there.

    We are going either end of April or Middle of May..

    Here is some other info that might help you how to find out where you should pan for gold.


    I am happy to share all my research with you if you want.. Just let me know.. I have area maps some old & some new and I have a really old placer gold map with the gold veins listed by the finders name.

    Happy Hunting!

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    Aug 2006
    Melbourne, Florida
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    Re: gold in east coast

    It sounds like you've done your homework then. I didn't know that you were a Garrett dealer. You must have access to some good maps and equipment then. Ok, I take back my last post, on the other thread, about keeping it real. lol You obviously know what you're doing. Be safe up there though and always partner up. Fortunately, I haven't seen the movie "Deliverance" since I was a teen, because I would be a lot more worried about drunk rednecks with shotguns trying to steal my gold or worse. You can outrun a snake (assuming that you see him first), but you can't outrun a bullet or a pickup truck full of rednecks. There are also bears up there too, so be careful. Thanks for sharing your research. I really appreciate it. I hope I haven't popped your bubble too much. A positive and persistant attitude is necessary to make money at this hobby. You will probably have to get dirty and wet to make any serious finds. Most women wouldn't be able to handle it, but you sound like one who can. Good luck and keep us updated on your finds, if possible. Jeff



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