Tailing Piles Labled "Cultural Site"
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Thread: Tailing Piles Labled "Cultural Site"

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    Jun 2013
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    Tailing Piles Labeled "Cultural Site"

    Hi everyone,
    I know that when prehistoric and historic cultural sites are marked, they are off limits to detecting. I can respect this since I had tagged, excavated, and documented several archaeological sites as an anthropology major in college. Usually, when I find these sites they possess obvious qualities about them that are of cultural significance. However, this particular area was completely devoid of any prehistoric component, and the historic value was limited to a few rusted sheets of metal and an expanse of tailings from circa 1850's ground sluicing. I've done some research on this location and found no information specific to the mining activity. Apparently, the tailing piles alone warranted the "cultural site" marker, which was placed sometime in the last two weeks. I'm not rushing to any conclusions yet because this marker might be temporary, but if tailings are now being designated "cultural sites," then many of the areas I detect could soon be off limits. I contacted the BLM but they didn't know anything about it. Has anyone else encountered this?

    Below: the marker and the tailing piles

    Click image for larger version. 

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    First thing I would do is see if I could find out who the idiot was that
    put the marker there, and by who's authority. I've learned that some people
    will stick a sign just about anywhere, hoping they can hoard something
    for themselves.

    If there was not an "Official" state or fed. organization sticker, sign
    or something else present at the site telling me who put the signs there,
    then odds are they would be relocated elsewhere until I got finished checking
    out the tailings.
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    May 2013
    The Golden State
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    Looks like modern trash that should be removed
    I am a teacher, hydrologist, biologist and a prospector.

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    Aug 2007
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    Looks Bogus to me though to be on the safe side I would contact a few possible places that might know something about the non-official looking markers: county, city, state BLM you've already taken care of. This could be a real pain the back side to get anyone to own up to the stake out..............................63bkpkr
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    an old gold detectors trick to "shut off" a spot for themselves * if it is not clearly marked as being "posted" by valid state or fed arch. types --it might be a "fooler" meant to scare off any competitors , and might be totally "bogus"
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    bug is offline

    Jun 2008
    Nor Cal
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    Sometimes Forestry or BLM marks the historical mine sites or water ditches before they log or do other work in the area like fuel thinning. Its nice they do this, or the contractor would rip down the old diggings erasing our history with the D12 Cat,
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    Jun 2013
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    I don't see a marker
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    Mar 2003
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    Call the FS then if BLM denied it.DO NOT BELIEVE OFFICE FLUNKY- TALK TO ARCHEOLOGIST .Many studies going on in shasta county because of dam raising project. No nuttn' means nuttn' as what was isn't no more. MASSIVE fines/troubles/lose equipment/vehicles. Fellas diggn' a old CCC camp dump back in 2000 or so got $10,000 fines,lost detectors,trucks and atvs and area NOT marked. I was in federal court during the trial here in Redding and a ugly scene. I have filed dozens of plan of operations for myself and friends and this issue MUST also be addressed everytime everywhere. Your lucky marked as official line a bs is--if all sites marked then all sites would be robbed.... Err on the side a caution,-John
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    donald peterson

    Jan 2013
    somewhere between flagstaff, preskit
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    ok...it appears that some work may be scheduled in the area...a road crew perhaps?
    those markers do not look like any thing I have noticed in academic settings...not even the initials of the university or department
    forest service an other federals would identify their activities...
    maybe the construction supervisor knows his crew better than we do....don't dig here makes sense then...
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    Dec 2012
    on the rocks - so cal county line
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    I would chance it if no one was around .
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    Nov 2007
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    Mar 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-2 CHARLIE View Post
    I would chance it if no one was around .
    Me too.

    You didn't see it or some punk kid pulled it out.
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    Jan 2010
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    Nuggeteer, there are archaeological sites all over Shasta County that are marked very similar. I tried to trace some down and it is a maze. There actually is a law on the books stating that these sites will not be publicly acknowledged because of some people or persons going right to the site and digging for whatever reason. Middle Creek area has a lot of these sites. Like John said, don't go by what the office people tell you. He can tell you and I can tell you that several people in Shasta County have had their lives destroyed by the fallout of getting caught on some of these areas. Two guys I know of lost their rigs, minimum 30 day impoundment fee, $10,000 fine, 30 days in jail and all rights to do anything on Forest Service and BLM lands for a specified time. Because of what happened both also ended up going through divorce. Both also lost their jobs and one lost his California Nursing License because of a Federal conviction. They do have trail cams on many locations. There are enough areas to go to without taking the chance. And NO I am not just paranoid, I have been here long enough to see how things work. Many will say "Fight back", yeah, right and devote the rest of your life to a simple lifelong litigation. Life is too short for that. I have stayed away from that area and other areas that look good because it is just not worth it. The site does not have to have prehistoric content, read the Antiquity Law. That law covers a lot of your questions. What are you going to do when they finish tying all the new trails in the Redding area to Whiskey Town and Lake Shasta Recreational areas. Are you aware that when that happens then all the BLM lands that we detect on that have a trail crossing them will fall under the same guidelines as the recreational areas. Then they can limit anything we do on all of those lands. This is happening and you will see it pretty quickly, the local offices wont say a thing about it to you. This has already taken place in other states where the land status was similar to what we have here in Redding. You hit the nail on the head, " they didn't know anything about it." Just my two cents, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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    Jun 2013
    Redding, CA
    Gold Bug Pro
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    All good advice. I just found out that the marker was placed by another agency that is doing some work on BLM land. I contacted this agency and they told me that the marker was for their crew, but they didn't know if this is a registered archaeological site where detecting is restricted. So, I'm going to stay away from this area until the crew is gone and see if the marker is taken down. Thanks everyone!

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    Feb 2013
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    For my money that sounds like the best idea. Give them a chance to do their thing and even then I'd still double check that status of the area afterwards. No sense in taking a risk of fines and loss of equipment etc etc etc.
    The one stop place for mining matters on public lands!

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