Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets
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Thread: Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

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    Dec 2014
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    Metal Detecting

    Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

    Is there a place where I can go looking for Gold Nuggets if I visit Calf. Alaska or Az. Maybe there are places you pay for the day or is there spots in the desert where you don/t need permission etc. I am looking for some information, as I want to try to detect for gold nuggets. I have heard of pay for fishing places as we have them here in Pa., is there places that I can visit and bring my machine and start detecting some tailing?? I am just curious where to get started, I understand the part about people owning claims, do they give you permission and ask for a percentage of your gold?? This may have been covered here already, so if it has, please direct me to the link, Thank You........Pete

    P.S. Where is the safest place to buy gold nuggets on line and to know they are real, I would like to buy a nugget or two and see how my metal detector acts. You don't have to let the entire world know, Send me P.M, thats the end of the conversation once I receive a PM. I also can be emailed at Merry Christmas to all

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    Dec 2014
    Foothills of the Pocono's, Quakake, Pa.
    1.Whites XLT 2.Whites MXT
    33 times
    Metal Detecting

    I hear some guys go there to metal detect. I have not done it yet, and hearing about posted signs going up. Usually those signs are for the people not from the area. Sort of what they do around here come Deer season. Posted signs go up all over but its not the owner doing it. I think there is police cruising the area but I was told they did not bother the guys, but this is all hear say

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    Mar 2014
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    For Arizona you might try talking to folks at Rob Allisons site and AZ Outback as there are a lot of members there who are affiliated with clubs and may be willing to turn you onto, or take you into, various nugget areas. Cant post the links but a quick google will show you where they are. As to gold nuggets look to them as well Hope your trip is a golden one
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    Everyone Believes they have gold buried in the back yard... small wonder so few ever look for it.

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    This isn't a hobby! It's hard work!

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    In Arizona and California you can find out about areas you can detect in simply by going to Welcome to Land Matters

    Go to the maps section and when the menu bar on the right side of the page comes up, click on the mining tab. That will open up to give you a selection of different state maps. Choose your state and it will open up in a new window. You can then zoom into any area you want to checkout. (Hint: Use the + tool and draw a square around the area you want to zoom in on. Much faster that way) Also have your browser window small so the map loads or refreshes faster. Once you're where you want to be bring the window back up to full size.

    Sections with lode mines will be outlined in blue, placer claims are in orange. These layers can be turned on and off by unchecking them on the right and then refreshing the map. The refresh button is at the bottom of the map tool bar and looks like two arrows chasing each other in a circle. DO NOT use the browser refresh button!!!

    To find out if an area is open to detecting, simply turn on the LAND MANAGEMENT layer by checking the box and then refresh the map. Any grid that comes up orange in color is BLM land. Blue is State land, green is forest service etc etc etc. NO color means it's private property. If you're unsure what a color means, zoom in and it will be marked near the border of the color. ( I had to do this with the brown areas and found out it means Bureau of Indian Affairs. (BIA) )

    Most of the western states are already on-line but Alaska is not up yet. Considering how big a state it is and how much work goes into making these maps it is going to take some time to get it finished up and posted.

    If you run into trouble with the maps, click on the help button in the upper right of the screen and a window that explains all of the function will open up.

    Hope this helps you find some good gold while out west! Any questions feel free to PM me or post here.
    The one stop place for mining matters on public lands!

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    If you come to Redding I have a few area's that I can point you to, I am sure the other locals on our forum would offer up some tips too.

    I would also get ahold of Terrysoloman.
    Check out my Gold Sniping video's.

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    sgt tee,
    Raw gold will have a certain amount of impurities IF you can call silver, platinum or copper impurities with the raw material ranging from about 18 karat and up. Purchase a ring if you want gold though if you cut off a piece of a nickel, a 5 cent piece, it will also make your detector think it is gold as will a piece of lead. The 'other' metals I've listed make most detectors sound off like they are over gold and my GMT Loves brass .22 casings as well. I purchased a gold coin from the United States mint and it is supposed to be nearly pure gold and the gold coin or a hunk of any of the metals I've listed all make my GMT act as if it were over gold.

    Best of luck with your adventure...................63bkpkr
    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm



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