Beer Can Size Nugget
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    Beer Can Size Nugget

    Check this out. Then call your travel agent!

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    Re: Beer Can Size Nugget

    All I get at that link is a login page!
    "Wisdom comes not from knowing everything, but  knowing from whom to ask!"

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    Re: Beer Can Size Nugget

    Sorry, that's all I'm getting now (login), I couldn't get any futher.
    The story was of a prospector in Austrailia.
    He had found a huge nugget, with picture, valued between $30,000. and $40,000.
    The article went on to describe the area and pick he had used to discover the nugget.
    The pick was a new tool called "Wombat Digger" or something like that. I tried
    researching the tool but came up empty.
    Sorry all!

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    Re: Beer Can Size Nugget

    Further research gives me the following; (I could only retrieve headlines from)
    The Shepparton News
    Shepparton, Austrailia
    Prospector's picks are worth their weight in gold 1
    Doing a favour for a mate has left a Shepparton man with a 1.58 kg golden reward.
    Cliff Watters, of S.H. Wallace and Co., gathered together four ...
    end of retrieval.



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