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    Nov 2003
    Superior, Montana

    Need info on 9 miners, 1875 Snowshoe Cr. Mineral Co. Montana

    Hi, im seeking any information on 9 miners who worked Snowshoe gulch/creek in 1875. Snowshoe Gulch is a tributary of Cedar Creek
    (The Cedar Creek Gold Rush) which is just outside of Superior, Montana in Mineral County. I'm also looking for info on a man that goes by the name "Pirate Kelly" who lived in Snowshoe Gulch at the same time and had the reputation of stealing the paydirt from his neighboring miner's sluice boxes. (hints the name Pirate Kelly) any information or pics would be greatly appriciated. ~Kevin~

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    Jul 2003
    army all terrain
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    go for the gold

    kevin, i have checked everything i have on this, but find nothing on this man. i have heard the name, but i cannot remember where. hope someone on the forum knows the name. try this site

    Mineral County Chamber of Commerce - History and Folklore
    ... Walla, Washington, to Fort Benton, Montana. Since no one, ... on the area. Cedar Creek Gold Rush - The discovery of gold and the ... Superior's Wild and Woolly Days - "A blank ...

    if nothing else works contact the chamber of commerce. good luck, boomer

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    Mar 2003
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Need info on 9 miners, 1875 Snowshoe Cr. Mineral Co. Montana

    Kevin, go to your local historical society!! They always are manned by retired folk with TONS of info,time,and patience to help you out.Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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    Nov 2003
    Superior, Montana

    hit a dead end

    I swear I've tried every published source of information out there! No luck. I did run across another last name. The Kenney brothers, worked Snowshoe Gulch in 1875. but that is the only info i can find on them also. no first names or anything. ~Kevin~

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    Mar 2003
    5 times

    Need info on 9 miners, 1875 Snowshoe Cr. Mineral Co. Montana

    Kevin, in your State Archives are the Census Records. Most Territories and states did them every 2 years. They will give you full names, births, deaths, marriages, profession, residence, and other goodies. Check it out Best Regards, Hardpan

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    Re: Need info on 9 miners, 1875 Snowshoe Cr. Mineral Co. Montana


    Try this link, it has a little info, mentions 9 miners and cites references for you to get more info from.



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