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Thread: Stumbling onto Gold at Night

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    Mar 2016
    1163 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Stumbling onto Gold at Night

    Couple years ago, I was detecting in the lower 40 acres and it began to get dark, I pulled my headlamp out and discovered the battery was dead.
    I would have continued detecting if my headlamp had been working, but instead I started hiking back up a skid road towards my truck.
    Darkness quickly settled in, but my eyes were adjusted to the darkness so I kept swinging my detector and digging nails.

    Finally I could not see well enough to detect and decided it was time to quit.

    I started walking quickly up the road, all the while randomly swinging my coil.

    Suddenly I got a loud signal that sounded a lot like gold. The signal was about 4" down and when I finally got it separated, I could feel the heft.
    My heart jumped a little, but since it was dark, I could not tell if it was gold or a large chunk of lead.

    As I walked up the road, I tried to nick it with my thumbnail and it felt hard...good sign...I walked another 10 minutes not knowing what I had found, wondering if it could be a nice nugget.

    When I got to the truck, I turned the cab light on and was treated to the color of gold. I quickly popped the nugget into my mouth to clean it off and this is what I saw.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1107.JPG 
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    Pays to swing your coil while your walking, even if your not concentrating. This isn't the first thing I have found that way or the best.

    Anybody else stumble onto gold this way?
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    All treasures found with permission on private property or on active mining claims.

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    Nov 2012
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    Like, no, not nuggets but on the last 20' of beach sand heading to the parking lot found a 18k gold and diamond ring early this year. BEAUTIFUL nugget. BANNER! It's huge.

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    May 2013
    The Golden State
    Whites Goldmaster V/SAT. VibraProbe. Bazooka 48" Prospector Sluice. Shorts. Chickens + Goats + Goldhounds. 35' Chris Craft Caribbean motorsailer. FISH OIL + BURLAP
    4785 times
    Great story and an awesome nugget!
    I am a teacher, hydrologist, biologist and a prospector.

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    OBN is offline
    Dec 2008
    Mid-Atlantic Waters
    4443 times
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    That's a sweet yellow there!! Wow!! Love that Kolor! I like how you compared it to lead, there is a feel to it I agree..clunk, clunk feel in the hand.

    I guess my best was a 2 carat diamond plat ring, it was so dark I could just make out it was a ring with a big stone. Had no clue, figured it was just another ocean city junk ring.. a few feet later I hit another, then another. With these I did notice the weight but being my first Platinum rings I was clueless, dropped them in my pouch and headed off the beach. A few days later I headed to Jared Jewelries.. They gave me a quick write up for just the main ring..23 to 27 grand replacement cost.

    2 years later I found a 21k wedding band almost the same location, right at dusk..this one I did find the owner.
    2018..........23 gold rings....62 silvers

    Effort is Important, But knowing where, can make all the difference!

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    Mar 2016
    1163 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks guys - I loved the suspense not knowing what it was...all the while knowing what it might be.
    Sometimes when I have a situation like that...Say a really dirty coin...I prolong the suspense on purpose by waiting till I get home to have a good look.

    Been disappointed many times that way.
    All treasures found with permission on private property or on active mining claims.

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    Oct 2016
    X-Terra 705 Gold
    344 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Nice! Guessing around .75 ounce.
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    Mar 2016
    1163 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Kenmitch, I'm sure I put it on the scale, but I don't remember how much it was.
    I won't even guess because I'm usually way off on larger nuggets.
    Surely under 3/4 ounce, probably closer to 1/2 ounce.
    Dang it - now I'll have to check.
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    All treasures found with permission on private property or on active mining claims.

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    Charter Member
    Aug 2013
    OC, CA
    XP Deus, Equinox 800
    4393 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting
    Great story! I too have found a few good items on the way to the truck!

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    Apr 2003
    Various Minelabs(5000, 2100, X-Terra 705), Falcon MD20, Tesoro Sand Shark, Gold Bug Pro, Makro Gold Racer.
    4402 times
    Loved the story!

    That's a great one.

    Thanks for sharing, and all the best,

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    Nothin' quite as fun as chasin' sassy nugget gold! http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/me...mysteries.html

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    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
    4095 times
    The first thing I found years back was a old pull tab............I still have it!



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