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Thread: which detector can handle hot rocks/cold stones better than SDC2300

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    Mar 2014
    Central Arizona
    Minelab SD2100 V-2, Gold Bug SE, SDC2300, GPX4500
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    Another point I would like to make on this post. Others here have also mentioned this, but I'm not sure you understood correctly. If the SDC is going off on the hot iron rich rocks, the VLF will also, and much worse. Just because a VLF has discrimination doesn't mean it will ignore high iron rocks or even discriminate them out. High iron or heavily mineralized areas will likely in most areas cause a VLF to overload and won't be useable. Anytime a PI machine is struggling with the mineralization, any VLF will certainly struggle even more. Sometimes all you can do is just dumb down the detector, even with a PI.

    I know an area where no current metal detector technology will function correctly. So much iron that any current technology will overload no matter what adjustments a person might try. Hot rocks the size of a chicken egg are no problem. Identify them, kick them out of the way and keep going. Little pea sized hot rocks are more frustrating as you have to dig them all up. So turn down sensitivity, slow down your swing speed, and get to know your machine. Happy hunting, Dennis.

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    Apr 2017
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    Hi Dennis,

    many thanks for all your good advice. When I go back to Kelowna I will see what those hot rocks will do. The once I took home are all reading in -3/-4. In Mission creek there were lots of them. I have the feeling that I won't have too much trouble with my Nox800. We'll see. Right now I concentrate on checking targets make a suggestion and if I'm not 99% sure it is a piece of trash I'll dig it. When I dig it usually turns out to be a piece of lead or aluminum or foil that has been scwashed to little ball. I'm using a 10khz check program and it works nice. Coins are always standing out real nice. The book written by Clive James Clynick hepls me a lot. I'm having fun and my hunting buddy who's golden wedding ring I returned to yesterday told me about another spot on his hunting lease where a kind of ancient military installation has been located. He's been talking about a castle or similar thing that has been taken down to it's foundation. I will go there soon and let you know.
    Best of luck to you and yours

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    Sep 2004
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    The Gold Bug 2 has a very distinctive "Boing" sound on hot rocks and zip zip sound on gold. But doesn't have much depth on small gold.
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