iron, gold and discrimination.
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Thread: iron, gold and discrimination.

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    Jul 2006
    gpx6000 gp extreme gold monster 1000 nokta simplex
    510 times

    iron, gold and discrimination.

    i really have not used discrimination much when nugget hunting. but now am looking in to it.
    20 years ago, i some what, cleaned out a wash that had some 1/4 ounce, and better corn flake shaped nuggets.
    i know it holds a lot more. its the black sand that's holding me back.
    it has seen a few flash floods over the years that have moved a lot of sand and rock, not always to the better for detecting.
    i went back with the 6000 last weekend and the 6000 was struggling with the 11 inch mono, will have to try the 14 inch dd. i did pick up 2 nuggets for just shy of 1/2 gram.
    but old trash (sheet iron) from
    upstream has washed in, (6000 really loves iron) and this wash has the worst black sand i have ever seen.
    i am thinking i might get a good detector for discriminating out the iron.
    looking for some input on what one to get.
    Steve over on detector prospector has a good write up on this very thing. but before i drop 800 or more on a new beeper, that i might not use that much.
    i would like ask anyone here using discrimination to find 1/4 ounce and up nuggets in black sand,iron.
    what beeper they prefer.

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    Jul 2015
    Whites SST Whites GoldMaster e series
    155 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I have used the discrimination on the Gold Monster 1000. On some really hot, iron rich ground. Once I get a beep, I'd flip back regular mode,to hear how it sounded like, but that's my only experience.

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    Jul 2006
    gpx6000 gp extreme gold monster 1000 nokta simplex
    510 times
    cpomike13, yes the 1000 does have discrimination and i have used it with some success.
    i have tried the gm a few times in this wash it didn't work well at all.
    i don't think any vlf would work with all the iron sand. i guess that's why they invented
    pulse induction detectors. my old gp extreme with a nugget finder coil was actually
    a lot more stable here than the 6000, but less sensitive.
    i think what im looking for just hasn't been invented yet.
    i will be getting back to that wash with the gp extreme when it cools down a bit more.
    the 6000 is fantastic, but in this case its sensitivity to solid black iron sand washes will have me
    keeping the gp extreme around.
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    Apr 2017
    390 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Smooth setting on an older gpx should handle the black sand if you are looking for 1/4 oz and up size, but that sheet iron is going to be there no matter what...hiding the goods, im sure they are trying to improve discrimination on pi machines..maybe the next gold machine they come out with will show improvements in that area..
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