Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...
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    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    ...Do you prospect for other things as well? I only prospect for gold because it's shiny, valuable, and wanted by everyone (eBay, pawnshops, We Buy Gold, housewarming gifts, et cetera). Your reponses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks friends!

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    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    First off,prospecting is looking and finding small amounts.Mining is recovering large amounts from a spot you prospected.Every paystreak plays out so your back to prospecting. I prospect with a detector as I'm checking at least 1 cubic foot a ground a second.Thats great production.Mining has many restrictions and limitations .Permits ,seasons ,regulations,rain,snow freezing cold,and bad price of gold sometimes makes it economically unfeasable to sell your gold once you found it.So you have to be able to sit on it for years and look for other things while your out in the boonies.I always detect old cabin sites for casches,bottles and good cans worth bookoo bucks,miners candles and in general a great demand for good relics of a bygone era.Gems and mineral specimens are a great sideline too!!Get a book of gems and minerals of a specific area and you may cash in.I've been to areas with lousy gold but got relics,no relics but cleaned up on specimens?/The more divergent you are the better your chances are of making some real money.Tons a au 2 u 2-John

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    Feb 2004
    Fairbanks Alaska

    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    I like Alaska just because of the old cabins. It is interesting to find one and wonder about it's history. Here in Alaska I have found many such places when I am out hunting. A friend of mine was digging thru one and found 3 lbs of gold nuggets in a box (so he says) and at the time the gold market was at $800 an ounce so that was a very good find. Here is one of the cabins I see all the time when I go hunting---->
    It is still in very good shape....
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    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    Thanks for the information Hoser John and picture with gold-nugget story, old rocker! Your Alaska home is way cool

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    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    I love gold, Beekrock. Do you prefer me calling you Mister Kressley? Your friend, Ted "As good as gold" Allen

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    Mar 2003
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    Does everyone here prospect for gold, or...

    Teprock, We mostly go for gold but, we also have found some silver nuggets while hunting other locations. Sometimes we can't make a trip to a favoite prospect, so we'll go to a spot where we find Holly Agate and Blue Chalsydony. Not gold, but it goes for $1.50 a carat after polishing. We also look for meteorites. And though we've only found two small ones, we really enjoy the hunt. There are alot of things you can prospect for. Nuff said, Hardpan



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