Long time reader...first time poster. I need advice.
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    Aug 2005
    Northern Indiana, not too far from Chicago....

    Long time reader...first time poster. I need advice.

    I've been reading the forum for a long time and I know that many of you out there have a ton of good experience and information. I bought a new XLT a couple of years back because I had remembered my Dad having a detector when I was kid and I liked playing around with it. I primarily used it around playgrounds, old farms, and the beach where I live. (I live right on Lake Michigan, lots of beach) Like many of you, I have found my share of trash, foil, pull tabs and the like. Every once in a while I'll find something that rekindles that fascination from childhood.

    I bought the XLT based on recommendations from a few friends and the fact that I recognized the name White's. Soon after I purchased the XLT I learned that it probably isn't the best detector on the market for wet sand hunting. I make frequent trips to Florida and decided I would like to take my MD with me. After reading all the valuable advice here I conclude that my MD won't be worth a hoot on a salt water sand beach. Am I correct? I understand that the Fisher CZ20, 1280X, and the White's Surfmaster are possibly the best choices for salt water hunting? Is this correct? My wife gave me that look that says "not a good idea honey" , when I mentioned getting a new detector for the surf. She was aware of the purchase of the XLT and didn't realize the financial commitment of the purchase until it was too late. So...I'm going to buy another one anyway. Now, I'm not looking for co-conspirators in my endeavor but I would like your thoughts on the most bang for the buck when it comes to this type of detector.

    I have read many of the other posts here and to be very honest I am confused. Maybe its that nagging voice in my subconscious self telling me, and I quote...."don't do it". No matter. I am compromising and rationalizing by telling myself that I won't buy the most expensive I can find (CZ20), but I don't want the cheapest either. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help.

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    Mar 2005
    Hollywood, Florida
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    Re: Long time reader...first time poster. I need advice.

    For hunting wet sand you might want to look at the Minelab Sovereing GT or Quattro. Both work excellent in wet and dry sand. I hunt the beach and have the Quattro and love it. Saving now to get a underwater detector. Narrowed it down to the CZ20 or Excalibur.

    HH 8) surfrat
    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

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    Jan 2005
    Ocala florida
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    Re: Long time reader...first time poster. I need advice.

    If your coming down to Florida anyway why not wait till you get here and visit Kellyco, You can hold, swing, air test etc. all those machines and then start narrowing down the list.

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    Re: Long time reader...first time poster. I need advice.

    Hey Rusty Reel,
    I like your attitude/outlook. All of the detectors you mentioned are good, you still need to decide if you want dive capability or just wet sand and shallow wading. I have read a few posts where a big wave has caused the detectorist to fall and guess what. Not a total loss if you are lucky and can flush the salt and sand out. My luck sorta runs the other way. I think we should reach a point in our lives after working hard and providing for our families we should be given one of each kind of detector for every condition out there.

    Well back to reality now, your better half will really appreciate all the nice jewlery you lavish on her when you get back from detecting, if you opt for the higher end equipment!

    Guess I better quit rambling on and get out there and start delivering the good stuff to my better half.

    Good luck with your choice and most of all have fun.

    - timberline - (newbie)



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