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    Iron Ore

    I have a few spots that are loaded with iron ore. The soil is mostly sandy but has a lot of ore in it from small pebble size to big as a bucket. One spot has a chimney built of big iron ore rocks. My vaquero can be hard to ground balance in these conditions and I have to constantly keep a check on it. Just wondering if anyone hunts these kind of conditions and has any suggestions on how to hunt these areas better. I am finding iron ok and some larger relics but no small relics. No coins at all. I'm sure the relics are there. Is the iron ore keeping me from finding them. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Iron Ore

    im not any help with this but iron ore minning is a big employer im my home town, i found my whites ran smooth in the red soil, part of the town was moved because of caving grounds around 1900, i was suprize at the lack of targets but sure others hit this area over the many years. they make iron ore pellets to ship out and you can find pellets 10 in deep along the tracks, i dug a 6" cressent wrench at about 8in. in the pellets, so im not really sure how much effect the iron ore has, about 30 miles west the iron ore is a different type, which is silver
    where's the good stuff



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