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    May 2008

    MINELAB SD2200v2 & SD2100v2

    We've searched and searched!!!!!Does anyone know what the v2 on the Minelab SD2100 & SD2200 means Normally a v2 designation means that it is a second generation version but we can't find any references to an earlier version. My son has asked several dealers and can't seem to get a knowledgeable answer. Be nice to know.

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    May 2008

    Re: MINELAB SD2200v2 & SD2100v2

    Jim; Still don't know about the sd's but may help on your ?---I don't detect much, I'm a life long prospector, I mostly check my tailing's and and digs. My son is the professional and his conversations with his friends who have switched to 4500's is all about noise.
    His Eureka, for instance was worthless on a really windy day in the desert because of the noise generated by the elements. The 4500 seems to have solved the unessential noise that all others produce, leaving a clear headphone for the strikes. His friends are going over previous patches and finding like it was never worked before. Little whispers that couldn't even be heard previously. He is going to the sd2200 from the Eureka now because of $$ but has already started a new coffee can for a 4500.

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    May 2008

    Re: MINELAB SD2200v2 & SD2100v2

    The GP 4500 MINELAB is a detector in a world of it's own !!

    If you can afford one and you plan on looking for nuggets in
    a big way; this is the machine you want to swing, it go's where
    others can't operate and it go's deeper. I have and use a SD2200d
    and I would not be under-guned in most gold fields but am NOT in
    the same class as the 4500. The v2 machines have some of the new
    teck. that the other high end machines from MINELAB have but only
    a small part. These machines have a high price tag for one reason
    THEY FIND GOLD where nothing else can. If you think they are high
    priced; check the Col's for them ( you would want to have at least four )
    5 X 10 mono; 11DD ( comes standard ) 14 mono / or DD and 24 X 12 mono
    I'll put the prices on here but let's just say you had better be using the big
    check book and be setting down when you write out the check.

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    Aug 2004
    28 times

    Re: MINELAB SD2200v2 & SD2100v2

    Dear group;
    Sorry for jumping in so late, but *v2* is the designation for *Version 2*. The original SD2100 series detectors were green box units with a straight shaft, whereas the 2nd version units are blue boxes with a "S" shaft. Please note that internally there are NO differences between the original units and the 2nd version ones.
    Your friend;

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    Aug 2015
    Currently Minelab Gp Extreme, MINELAB GT, American Gold Striker , and Sovereign Elite ! PREVIOUSLY Explorer XS, Whites GMT, Fisher Gold Strike, , Whites XLT, Whites DFX, Garrett 350
    10 times
    Metal Detecting
    Thanx Lamar !!!!!



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