How about historic demolition sites?
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    Jun 2003
    Augusta, GA
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    There is an old hotel over 100 years old that collapsed and is being demolished over the next 3 days. When do you think would be the best time to metal detect this area? Is it legal to detect there?


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    Apr 2003
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    Wowo ! Sounds like a good chance to find some neat stuff! I have no idea about when or how, but I hope you get the chance to detect there- otherwise you will regret it. You never know where the next double eagle is going to show up....

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    Mar 2003
    New Jersey....
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    any time you can get to it!!! normally just ask the people who are doing it, and be sure to tell them you will be out of their way and won't touch the equipment. If they have a problem with it, just contact the people that own it, normally they won't care.... Good luck!!!

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    Apr 2003
    Whites GMT
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    I have always found that respect and courtesy go a long ways. Introduce yourself and play it by ear. If they are willing to talk to you for a moment or 2 you have a foot in the door. Best of luck Sandy. Fred
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    Mar 2003
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    Each state,county,and even city can have it's own law.Pretty much if it ain't posted it's open on demolition sites.Try to hit it HARD before they scrape the ground clean and again when the skim off the junk for them deeper older goodies!! Sounds like a chance of a lifetime-don't blow it.Tons a au 2 u all-John :lol:

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    Mar 2003
    So. Cal.
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    How about historic demolition sites?

    Catch them on their luch hour, or if there are no fences take advantage of this. If a foreman is around just tell him you will show him what you find before you leave. If it's something really good, it's front pocket stuff that doesn't come out until you leave the area. Don't want to temp anyone's greedy side that didn't do the actual work. Offer him a few pennies from your junk bag.



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