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    which would you choose?

    I'm going out on Saturday with my for my first true blue hunt.

    I have narrowed the possibilities down to two spots...

    1) A local park. It isn't the kid with swingsets, but it is more like a field. Soccer games are played on it during the warmer months. On Memorial day weekend, there is a huge town festival there with bands, food vendors, fireworks, fair rides, you name it. I have looked into the history of my town and this same field was used in the 1800's for socials. There are pics of women in hoop skirts in it. So I have the possibility of digging 200 years of history up. The downside is it is probably picked over very well.

    2) There is a patch of land that was woods and a home rested on this land. This is located in the middle of two frequently traveled roads. kind of like at the "V" of where these two roads join up if you will. This patch of land was cleared last fall to prep for a place with batting cages, mini golf, etc. The plus side is that the land has been turned up recently. The negative side is that I probably won't get a lot of results from it...but you never know.

    My kids are so excited about doing this that they can hardly contain themselves even though it will be cold on Saturday. Which would you choose?

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    Re: which would you choose?

    Take the big park. Remember " Nobody gets it all" there has got to be some goodies there.

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    Aug 2005
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    Re: which would you choose?

    Definitely the big older area. If it's trashy, use a smaller coil to get between the trash that will mask out the good signals. Lacking a small coil, lift your coil off the ground about three inches and over lap the swings about half. Don't swing it pendulum style but keep it level or you'll miss even more ground the coil looks at. Good Luck.....
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    Jan 2006
    Houston, TX
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    Re: which would you choose?

    I vote for the park...you'll find lots of stuff (trash too, but that's part of the deal). The number of goodies at an area is a function of TIME, ACTIVITY, NUMBERS OF PEOPLE and GROUND COVER...the park fits the bill.


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    Jan 2005
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    Re: which would you choose?

    Ditto. The park would be my choice too. And my advice would be not to march to the middle of the field and start detecting. Hit the edges. If there is a brushy area do your best to cover that spot. Check out any slopes. The harder areas to hunt will have had the least amount of previous detectorists. And when you DO hunt the field don't hunt parallel with the edges. Work diagonally. In areas that have been hard hit you may want to dig more "iffy" signals. Remember, the DEEP good targets will not sound or appear on the TID like good shallow targets. Good luck, have fun, and happy hunting.

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    Looking for that ONE find.

    Nov 2005
    South Central Kansas
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    Re: which would you choose?

    I agree with the park selection and the reasons are very valid. Burdie

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    Mar 2003
    Brown City,Michigan
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    Re: which would you choose?

    8)Yes,the park-I have an old open athletic field right behind my house;before they built the new school;and the new park,they did EVERYTHING in there-was in use since the early 1900s--I have found Barber quarters and dimes;Mercury dimes,Buffalo nickels,Indian head and early Wheaties;.44 caliber lead balls;old jewelry; By the way,I think I got it hunted out;dont find much there now-BUT,I still go back once in a while-ya never know!!!
    "May the force be with you"........

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    Re: which would you choose?

    I pick site number 2. This is due to people lived there in the past. It was wooded and looked like nothing could be there. If the area was cleared and ground moved around the deeper items are still there, maybe closer to the surface. The park will always be there, this site is soon to be developed and you might be the first one in there to hunt. You mention 2 well traveled roads also. just the spot i'd pick myself.

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    Jan 2005
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    Re: which would you choose?

    Free makes a good point.

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    Jan 2005
    kahnawake, Quebec Canada
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    Re: which would you choose?

    i would go for the older site......

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: which would you choose?

    Go for the park. I have been hunting a park that is about 2 acres in size. This park holds an annual festival and fair. I have completed less than 1/2 of the area and have found a little over $30 in coins. There is a lot of trash (pull tabs, smashed aluminum cans, foil, etc). I only use coin mode on my ACE250 and have been only digging objects that are 4" or less (don't want to dig too much since this is beside town hall). I know I have skipped over many targets. But being a newbie I am concentrating on learning the idiosyncrasies of the coin mode. And off course quick instant gratification of $$$$$.


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    Sep 2005
    Cresson, PA
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    Re: which would you choose?

    I would go for site #2 only because it sounds like it will soon be paved over and after that happens - you'll never know if there were any good (or great) finds to be had.

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    Apr 2004
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    Re: which would you choose?


    I initially thought the park as well but F2D (and others) make a valid point about the other site being "lost" (paved over) soon. THEN I read nfunk's "instant gratification" post...with all that said here's MY view..

    If this is one of your very first times out with a machine, hit the park for a little while to get a shot of instant gratification...it'll give you a bit of confidence in your machine and yourself. THEN, head over and hunt like crazy at the fork in the road spot...and keep hunting there as much as possible. Sure, use the park as a "quick fix" when you just have to hear a beep (buzz, ding...whatever your machine does <smile>), but keep at the other spot until it's paved over.

    That's my two (zinc) cents worth! Good luck and let us know!



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    Apr 2005
    Eastern Pa.

    Re: which would you choose?

    Depending on distance and the enthusiasm of the kids why not try both? Pack a lunch and make an outing of it. A short hunt in both places could tell you if either were worth going back to. On the other hand I have to agree with most about number 2. If it is being developed you may not have much time to check it out. Once a place is gone all you can do is wonder what might have been

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    Feb 2004
    GS5 X-5 GMT
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    Re: which would you choose?

    I would choose the wooded area. Since you have kids my advise is going to be a bit different. In fact some my not agree with what I am going to suggest.
    I will tell you a story that will illustrate my point.

    One job I had(oil industry) required me to live on remote locations in the west. Well when I had free time I used to hunt for arrowheads. My partner had a young son that was going to pay him a visit for a day. Well when the youngster was told I was hunting arrowheads he too wanted to hunt for them when he came out. Well finding arrowheads these days is tough and I thought the youngster would be disappointed if he found nothing(which was typical). So a few days prior to his arrival I soured the location looking for arrowheads. I found 2 which I left in place. So when the youngster arrived and went "looking for arrowheads" with his dad and myself I gently guided him to the arrowheads. I will never forget the look on his face when he found them.

    I would bury a couple of silver dimes in the wooded area. If you and your kids come up empty handed at this site, have your kids "dig" these dimes. It would surely make their day.



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