Do you wear gloves while digging
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    Do you wear gloves while digging

    I ask this question because I was out MD Friday at some rental property my mom owns. I found quite bit of clad coins while there, at one point I was there on my knees digging and one of the neighbors dogs (Boston Terrier) came over to check out what I was digging. Of course I continued digging and the dog wanted some attention so I was petting him and talking to him and continued digging when all of a sudden I was stung or bit by "fire ants" . They are a problem here in the South and are painful. Also at another MD outing I was digging and as I was about to reach in the hole a centipede crawled across the bottom of the hole. They also have a pretty good sting to them also.

    So I had noticed at my work place there are several of our mechanics in the shop area that wear these blue colored I guess mechanics gloves. They are similar to surgical gloves but look like there a lot tougher. I may have to purchase some of those.


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    May 2005
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    N Six

    only in the winter when very cold, otherwise I hunt naked,

    my hands.

    Want to be able to feel anything, love playing in the dirt.

    Also gloves give me a problem with the pads on my machine.

    have a good un....
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    Hey, Sixx. I always wear gloves. I wear rubber-coated knit gloves all year long. They keep my hand dry, clean, and safe from cuts. They're great in the winter with a thin liner worn underneath. Here's a picture of what they look like. Oh yea, sometimes I'll just wear a glove on my left hand, cuz that's the hand that gets dirty. My digger is in my other hand.
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I always wear gloves too, these days. When I first started detecting I couldn't stand to have them on. Now, I can't stand not to. The gloves I wear are some that my cousin give to me. They are called, "Hi Flex", and are made by, "Ansell". These gloves fit very tightly on the fingers and it's is almost like not having them on. In the winter, when it's cold, I throw on a pair of Brown Jersee's to help beat the cold...

    P.S.> As you tell by the pic, it's about time to get a new pair. I've had these since last spring, and have only gone through two pair in my year and (8) months of detecting. I'll usually wait until they have a hole in them before tossing them out...
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I Never wore gloves till I did a Drained Lake.

    The mud was Very Sticky (Without Exaggeration, like digging in Peanut Butter) & Possably Contaminated by Field runoff,
    & my fingers got so raw, from using them to dig, I couldn't pick up a coin off a hard flat surface.
    At that point I started wearing Surgical Gloves for that place.
    HOWEVER, I Don't wear them anywhere else.

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    Dec 2005

    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I wear wetsuit gloves when detecting in cold water.I sometimes use those blue latex mechanics gloves when on land.They work well,you can still feel small objects.The draw back to them are they can get rather hot after a while.
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    Jan 2005
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    When it's cold I sometimes wear the fingerless wool gloves. But just got me a pair like haupin talked about. Haven't used them for detecting yet though. I've cut myself a few times on sharp pieces of aluminum and broken glass. When I lived in Everett WA. I discovered quite a few hypodermic needles in the lawn of the duplex I was renting. Not so sure that anything but the toughest gloves would help in that situation but I'm leaning in the direction of wearing gloves from now on.

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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I started wearing Wells Lamont nitrile coated gloves. Where I hunt in a park I have dug needles, razor blades, can slaw, any number of sharp items.

    Also pretty nice for early season digging. Keeps your hands warm (and clean). For you fly-tyers, it means your rough finger pads no longer cut the silk when tying dry flies.

    Also, last year the park was closed because the river flooded it with effluent from the nearby sewage treatment plant, and there was an E.coli hazard that closed the park for a month. Ewwwww.
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    Jan 2006
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I think gloves are a must. Sharp objects, bacteria, etc. can ruin your day. I've got one set for the beach (neoprene) and one for land (leather/fabric)...

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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    Wow! you guys have raised some interesting points to consider while digging,razor blades,hypo needles,ecoli,etc. I was out this afternoon MD and got a strong signal close to a barn as I put my very small digging shovel in the ground I disturbed a "fire ant" bed. Thousands of them came out mad as heck so I left well enough alone for the time being, but do remember the spot for another day.

    The blue mechanics gloves do seem they would work since they fit snug on the hands and look tougher than surgical gloves, but as someone mentioned would get awful sweaty. I know surgical gloves do on me when I've worked with fiberglass before.

    Thanks everyone for the pics of the different kinds to consider.


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    Jun 2003
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I started wearing the rubber coated knit gloves after slicing a finger open on buried glass. It also helps with the wear and tear on the hands when the ground is like concrete here.

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    Jul 2005
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    I started wearing my old army leather gloves when I started coming across more glass and can slaw.
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    Aug 2005
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    The blue gloves that everyone is talking about are Nitrile gloves. They are petrolium resistant whereas latex will fall apart after being saoked in gasoline for a bit. They are just a bit tougher than latex, and don't stretch as much. They also are cheap at twenty cents a pair, but plan on going through a couple pair on every dig; they tear just like the latex do.

    The glove of choice for me are Franklin batters gloves for baseball. About 15 bucks a pair and tough and thin. I can pick up coins laying flat on a sidewalk with them. More than once they have saved me from cut fingers. Plus they don't make your hands look like prunes from the sweat like the latex and nitrile gloves will! (Also available at your local Wal-Mart)

    For you guys looking for needle and razor blade protection check out Turtle Skin gloves.

    Hope this helps everyone!
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    Feb 2005
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    Sometimes I wear my old golf gloves (left hand only) depending on the area I'm hunting. They're thin leather and fit nice & snug and I can pick up a dime off a glass table wearing them. Could get a little pricey though if you're not a golfer.

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    Jan 2005
    kahnawake, Quebec Canada
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    Re: Do you wear gloves while digging

    i preferr bare hands..
    but i have 2 sites that i wear glove at due to the unusual amout of broken glass


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