Frequencies and filters
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    Frequencies and filters

    I'm going to be buying a new detector. Can someone explain frequencies and filters?
    What are the benefits of having different frequencies and multiple filters? Or, why does one detector run at 14 hertz and another runs at 6. Are they needed for different types of targets or soil conditions? Would they change if you were searching for coins or gold?


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    Re: Frequencies and filters

    from what i understand, lower frequencies penetrate the ground deeper than higher frequencies, but higher frequencies are more sensative to small objects. i believe when you said that one frequency would be better for gold than another is the right way of is said that multiple frequencies are the best of both worlds offering depth and sensativity but it has been the subject of great debate whether this is truth or hype. i have also heard that just because a detector is transmitting a lot of frequencies doesnt necissarily mean that it is processing more than one at a time. there is an interesting article in the march issue of western & eastern treasures magazine that puts single and multiple frequency machines to the test.they didnt mention which machines were tested but in this study there was no signifigant differance in depth between the two. maybe a subtle one? who knows! after all is said and done,it will probably come down to which machine you are most comfortable with.its tough choosing a new machine! good luck!
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