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    Re: code of ethics

    troll or not..... he inspired/triggered a worthy discussion/debate to this forum & actually made me want to register JUST to respond instead of lurking.

    I think anyone has the right to do with their finds as they please.
    ? ?I dont detect for profit.... i detect for fun. I also like to keep the items I have worked extremely hard trying to find.? ?I have yet to find a class ring or any other object that can be traced back to the original owner, but when i do ... odds are I will probably keep it.? I wont truely know exactly what i will do until i actually find one though. The only situation that I positively KNOW that I would return something to its owner was if I was sent to the area to find a particular item by the owner.?
    I do get seriously tired of reading the posts where people have the audacity to tell others what they should do with their finds (returning class rings & such).?

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    Re: code of ethics

    Fair enough Foolserrand. Thats how you feel, so more power to you. My stance on this subject is already known so i wont repeat it. I will say though, it's kind of a shame the only reason you drifted from the lurkers and let yourself be known here is to throw in your two cents on this topic and not because it's a great board, or to share your finds and/or experience in MDing with the us. To each his own i guess and welcome aboard. 8)


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