Questions about Locations for hunting.
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    Questions about Locations for hunting.

    I know of at least one place that I have access to and quite possibly have access to another depending on some things. know of at least one or two other places I would like to hunt One being a civil war battlefield. My questions are how would you go about asking to hunt a civil war battlefield? Who would you ask for permission? The one battlefield I know of I be live was not a big battle and I'm sure if you can hunt it its been hunted a few times(If i remember right I remember people talking about finding things there when I was a kid) but I would not know the first thing about who to ask.I know they have reenactments of the battle been there a few times when I was a kid. Another question is One of my relatives lives a few miles from a old fort I be live it was civil war era fort. I know that they would not mind me hunting that local any time i visit but seeing as its 4 or 5 miles away from the fort would you think it would have anything from the soldiers who were there How far a way from a site like that would you decide it would not have that kind of stuff? I know I can;t hunt the fort because it was turned into a tourist type thing or at least I think. I haven;t asked but I may one day maybe they would let me hunt the fort if I donated what I found to them. I am looking for any information for a new hunter I can get and thanks in advance. Sorry for the long post and run ons. Its late and I'm tired its 4am and After I bought the detector I couldn't get to sleep.
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    Re: Questions about Locations for hunting.

    Don't know what battle field you refer to, but National Historic sites are usually off limits to detecting. Once you get to the outskirts where the property is private, then you can detect with permission from the property owner.
    Check old CW maps, see the layout of the battle, where the soldiers marched from, imagine the terraine and retreat routes. Check your county for property owners and try for permission.

    You can also trace the route from where the battle occured to where they camped. A place where the wounded were dragged off to be mended, where they might have spent a couple days. Find the places that have a better chance of having not been detected.

    Check old county maps and topos of your area, see where the old homesteads might have been and disappeared. Those are what I like most. Find a lot of iron junk...but I love iron junk...
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