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Thread: OKM BIONIC X4. Your opinion

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    Aug 2008
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    OKM BIONIC X4. Your opinion

    Hi folks,
    any suggestion, opinion, personal experience with OKM BIONIC X4?


    Cheers VV

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    Nov 2004
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    Re: OKM BIONIC X4. Your opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by Vox veritas
    Hi folks,
    any suggestion, opinion, personal experience with OKM BIONIC X4?


    Cheers VV
    You've got to be kidding right ??
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    Oct 2009
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    Re: OKM BIONIC X4. Your opinion

    Pure BS junk!
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    Aug 2011
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    Re: OKM BIONIC X4. Your opinion

    If I invented that I sure would't tell anybody .


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    Jun 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by TORRERO View Post
    You've got to be kidding right ??
    I am confused.... why was this request deemed as invalid?

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    LRL fraud debunked

    Dec 2010
    ciudadano del universo, residente de El Paso TX
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    The question was valid, but there's a reason it was ridiculed.

    The OKM "Bionic" whatever is a so-called "LRL". LRL's exist in two basic types: the kind which are dowsing rods with fraudulent electronics attached, and the kind which comprise fraudulent electronics that don't even provide an effective means for dowsing. The former type are more popular because the dowsing rods at least provide a convenient way to fake it, whereas the other kind don't even provide a convenient way to fake it. Products characterized as "MFD" are usually of the fraudulent electronics dowsing rod type. There's a "Long Range Locators" forum here which is a better place to discuss LRL's, now that you know what it is you're dealing with. The Bionic isn't discussed on metal detecting forums because it doesn't detect metals, from the perspective of metal detection there's nothing to be discussed. There other OKM products which are evidently metal detectors of some sort which do get discussed in the context of metal detectors although the things are so expensive that very few people seem to have first-hand knowledge of the things to report. Mineoro is another company which manufactures a mixture of "real" and fraudulent apparatus.

    My remarks above should not be construed to be an indictment of dowsing, which has some controversial issues for sure: however fraudulent representation of electronic apparatus is not an issue in "plain vanilla" dowsing. The owners of Treasurenet recognize this distinction and have provided a separate dowsing forum which is explicitly not for LRL's. You'll find that between the two forums the character of the controversies is quite different, since it is quite possible to accept dowsing while still rejecting LRL's as fraudulent.

    --Dave J.

    EDIT: I just checked the link. I see no evidence of a swivel (a swivel would put it into the "dowsing rod" category) but neither do I see concrete evidence that it has no swivel. The link is another superb example of what I call "read the advertisement!" What the heck is the product really, and what does it actually do really? There are no straight answers! Look for the specifications and you get Bluetooth, not metal detection. Given its painfully obvious similarity to prior art LRL's and complete lack of similarity to anything reputed to "work", one would reasonably expect an explanation as to what makes the OKM Bionic not in the LRL category, and why it should be regarded as apparatus that "works" despite its lack of similarity to other apparatus acknowledged to be of the kind that "works". But of course OKM ain't going to mention that if you have already checked out other LRL's, this is just another example of the type. OKM's older competitor Mineoro at least denies that their LRL's are dowsing apparatus, which (funnily enough) is actually the case (!), hence the long list of customers who have had the courage to post (on another forum) that they fell victim to the scam and found out the hard way they ain't gettin' their money back.
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    Jan 2010
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vox veritas View Post
    Hi folks,
    any suggestion, opinion, personal experience with OKM BIONIC X4?

    Bionic X4 long range gold detector with Android Smart Phone - OKM Metal Detectors

    Cheers VV
    From what I heard, all Bionic products are a scam.
    These are basically a pair of fluxgate magnetometers configured as a gradiometer in a horizontal plane, and some added electronics to confuse the user to believe it is detecting something different than a magnetometer would detect. The truth is you could hire an electronic technician to build you a better gradiometer for under $200. You can read where the Bionic X4 was already discussed here: Bionic X4 - LongRangeLocators Forums

    Keep in mind.. even the people who live in Germany where it is manufactured call it a piece of krap, better to buy a used Mercedes instead of a bionic X4.

    Best wishes,
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