What are your most productive areas to MD?
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    Dec 2011
    Central NC

    What are your most productive areas to MD?

    I have only been MD for about 2 weeks and only got out there about 5 times. My first times out I went to the places I figured had the best chance of cool finds, a old school site, a old copper mine from the early 1800's and and two old homesites in the woods from around the mid 1900's. I didn't find much at any of the sites, a few odd coins, nothing old. At the copper mine there was too much ore, I was digging way too much and all it was was rocks and a few nails, etc.

    So I moved to a church that was est. in 1904 and started checking a gravel overflow parking lot and got 24 coins in about 3 hours, although all were clad, nothing early. I did realize that if you are in a good spot you'll have more success, duh

    Those other spots are probably good to go back to, I was (and still am) new at this hobby and I know there may still be good finds at those other locations.

    So my question is: where have you had the most success? Since I found so many coins at the church I wonder if I should focus on old churches for my next few hunts?

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    Re: What are your most productive areas to MD?

    My no. 1 go to spot is old farm houses, absolutely my favorite, they have old relics, buttons, tokens, coins etc.....I hunt old farms probably well over half the time I go detecting. Just super for indian pennies and old silver

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    Re: What are your most productive areas to MD?

    My favorite spots are the "hunted out" areas, like county parks, ballfields, etc. That's where I go in for the kill. In 2011, I dug over 50 silver coins from 2 or 3 of these spots. I also dug a sweet 1865 2-center, early dateless large cent, nice 1920-S slq, etc, all from these areas that I was told are "cleaned out".
    Like G4E mentioned, farm yards are also good, and many of them have been hunted before. I don't let that bother me. Just go low and slow.
    Another of my favorite areas are the real trashy spots where you get several targets under every pass of the coil. Move low and slow, (unless you swing a Whites's, they don't like slow, not slamming them, I own a dfx). That's where the treasure's hiding.

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    Re: What are your most productive areas to MD?

    Ghost town foundations have been good to me!
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