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    Apr 2007
    staten island, ny
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    sand shark saga

    For those who questioned my 2 posts - “don’t be duped” & “fool me once....” - my objective was to praise tesoro for their outstanding customer service. In all my life (I’m in my 60's) I have never dealt with a company as responsive as tesoro.

    Their fantastic repair staff embodies the maxim of doing business the old-fashioned way - of resolving whatever problems you have (but please do not call them about how to get your wife to let you spend more time detecting).

    Their service is but one reason why us tesoro users are so loyal to the company. They make great detectors at very respectable prices & honor their lifetime warranty - what more can you desire from a company?

    Yes, I was a bit apprehensive about the call from Robert after I posted “don’t be duped.” The last thing I wanted to do was upset tesoro! Fortunately, Robert “got it” and had a laugh at my post. He did ask me to release the right to publish it. Kudos to both management & staff at tesoro. They are a true model of what is still great in the USA

    I do not get into detector disputes. Whatever brand or model anyone uses - that is their choice. My posts over the years have been mainly my experiences with my tesoro detectors & posting what I have found with them.

    There are 3 aspects to my detecting - learning my detector & thereby knowing how to best use it, employing proper recovery techniques so you wouldn’t know I had been there, going where my chances of doing well are maximized.

    I did not want to write the standard - tesoro is the best post - so my deviated mind cajoled my twisted fingers to type the - “do not be duped” plot followed by the “fool me once” sequel. They were not politically correct posts - nor meant to be. I am sensitive, but mainly to truth & reality.

    Perhaps I am deceived because I don’t care much about what people say about me. Maybe this is arrogant presumption on my part. If 9 people say YAH - then who am I to say NAH? If you see me in the water better to give me a wide berth - don’t be fooled if I smile at you!

    My sincere thanks to all who were concerned for my health. I was not aware of all my serious emotional & mental deficiencies - it is important for me to know this. Maybe it explains why I twitch, droll, & am cross-eyed? Please pray for me as I fear I am way past med’s.

    I do not in any way impugn Robert’s manhood. His consideration for us detectors does not equate to being a Roberta. He is a credit to tesoro & a very fine person to deal with! All I am at liberty to say is that he went out of his way to help me with something.

    As for my mea culpa - yes, I do purpose to be more caring, a better me, even Robert-like. There I have said it! A lack on my part has been openly confessed. I feel cleaner - liberated - even giddy. The shackles are off - free - I am free at last - ready to gleefully soar unencumbered into the stratosphere of sensitivity.
    HH to all

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    Oct 2011
    S E Virginia
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    Donor, Got it the first time. No need to explain yourself! Your intentions very clear. Obviously Robert and most Tessoro users read it the way you wrote it and appreciated it. Not really sure what the others were looking at .

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    Keep your coil to the soil!!!

    Jun 2011
    Chesapeake, VA
    Minelab E-trac, Minelab Excalibur II 1000, Garrett AT Pro, Teknetics T2
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    I loved the sarcasm you put into those two posts! You're absolutely right...Tesoro is great when it comes to customer service and writing about it the way you did put a nice spin on the usual, "Tesoro is so great" posts you usually see. Thanks for your wit! It's appreciated!

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    Jan 2012
    Western NC
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    Metal Detecting
    I also enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek posts.
    Never buy anything you have to feed or paint. ---Old Hobo Wisdom---



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