Where to find a "finds" bag?
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    Dec 2011

    Where to find a "finds" bag?

    Need something to hang from my belt. What section of stores would I find something suitable. Not hip on ordering on the web. Would like to find something common/suitable I can use and buy local.

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    Mar 2012
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    Try Lowes or Home depot for a carpenters tool belt. That should work pretty good.

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    if you don`t want to by from one of the sponsors of this forum (i would).
    you can go to Lowe`s and look at the tool belts,i sure you can find something you like there,but please call one of our sponsors,Mike Woodland Detectors....Bart at Big Boys Hobbes...they help make Tnet work so help them out.
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    Heck, a $2 home depot nail pouch works well...trash in one pocket, treasure in the other...

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    The Lowes and Depot ideas are good. They are also VERY simple to make using discarded clothing. TTC
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    see my post a few down , Great Propointer holster. Best finds bag I've found because its light, small and deep with plenty of pockets. And it can also hold a pinpointer. And it was cheap

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    Apr 2007
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    don't neglect good "dollar" stores. i found one selling minolta fanny packs & bought 6 of them. i cut off 2 of the fanny packs & attached them to my weight belt with cable ties (i used a hole punch to make the holes) i've used this in the water for 2 years already & it is still going strong.

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    May 2011
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    I use an old gas mask bag from a surplus store. I redid the strap so it hangs up and down,not sideways and its last for years, Been using it since early 80's. It's heavy canvas and I don't think I will ever wear it out.

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    I have an AWP carpenters bely bag from Lowes that works great. I dyed it green with Rit dye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCdigger View Post
    Heck, a $2 home depot nail pouch works well...trash in one pocket, treasure in the other...

    I agree ....very cheap & lightwieght!
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    Aug 2007
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    Been using the same old cloth nail pouch since I started back in the early 80's. Trash on one side, treasure in the other. Pockets wide enough to put glasses in and other small accessories. Pinpointer fits in it now too although it does stick out a tad. Don't even feel it's weight.

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    Apr 2012
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    Guess I'm cheap, I just use an old Crown bag I had layin around.

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    Aug 2008
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    check ebay - treasurewise, garret, minelab, tesoro all have adequate bags that will "hang" from your belt.



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