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    Apr 2012
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Are old water wells a good place to hunt?

    I would think they are, but was wondering if any of you have had any luck around them? My Grandfather has a farm and there is an old water well about 150 years old that has been filled in. I have heard some stories of things being buried at the bottom of water wells. I will only be searching around it, not down in it. Right next to the well is a barn which was built right on the spot where a school house used to stand. The school is just as old.

    I will end up detecting the area because of the old school but was just wanting to hear any stories about cool finds at water wells, thanks
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    Apr 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I would think if anyone went to the well there would be stuff around it. I would also be inclined to think there are thing down the well too. I wouldn't ever go down in a well unless I knew it had enough oxygen for me and no poisonous gases. Nothing in a well worth ding for. If I had a farm to hunt I would search around the house if it is still there if not find it. the barns and the well. A farm seems like you could find a lot of history.

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    Apr 2010
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    In 2004 I was asked to search an area at the local nature center where I uncovered what is know as water run offs. At the end of these run offs was a dry well or a bricked up surface well.. the old plantation used these dry wells to contain the water from that nights rain etc.. and I didn't find anything in the well. But I did find what the water run offs were made of.. rows and rows of Tourmalated Quartz.. So anythings possible.. and you have to remember how kids are they like to throw things in deep pits..
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    Ken Cunningham

    Aug 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    OK, Water wells, one method available! I have an underwater color camera-W/LED lighting/& 12V color TV .
    100 ft cable. Camera connects to the T.V. "Walla"Consider: 1st take a med. size long stick. Rattle around the first 6/7 ft of the top of the well lineing.Reason Spiders/snakes & things that bite! Check the upper visible portion with a strong flashlight. &-With long sleeve shirt-gloves-flashlight: check the reachable stone or rock liner for loose ones.Check behind if located(remember 1 (one) coin or jewel item may be all there is.
    Fire up the T.V.-ck-camera is on! Lower the camera rotating ,to look for possible wall locations.
    (sometimes it is good to have a teather on the back of the camera in order to point it down when and if bottom is visible. DO=Not let the camera touch the bottom,silt takes days to settle.
    "Ureka "what is that & how do I get it out. First consideration, @ lest 75/100lb pull magnets.I use earth magnets. Consider a recovery basket of some sort.
    If magnets are used ease it up to the object, avoid smashing into it. There are crapples that can be fashioned
    from ones imagination to pick up items if located.I am not qualified to advise: seriously if one locates bones,
    that may be human. Stop get out paper & pen: Time /date/persons present/time of descovery-NOTIFY
    State Highway Patrol, stay put.Have seen this situtation turn into a needless nightmare & considerable
    booty confiscated ie:crime scene. No matter how long ago something may have happened."Fact is stranger than fiction. ask our Southern
    Hunters. Hope this may start some wheels turning. Hunt long hunt well, try to leave nothing behind!
    OK OK Checkout your local Fish-Finder Dealer
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