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Thread: Metal detector differences

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    Sep 2009
    Calgary, AB

    Metal detector differences

    Hello all
    This is more of a curiosity question as I have a Silver uMax and still learning.

    My question, what is the difference between a Coin, Relic, Gold, and water detector. Obviously the water detectors are water proof, but does that effect the detectors ability or are they just like normal detectors, but water proof.

    Do coin, Relic, and Gold detectors run on different freq. or is it more of an options thing. As in a Coin detector would have more options to disc specific ranges that a Gold one would not.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2012
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    Metal Detecting
    Most relic machines are also very good coin machines. There are feature sets designed to enhance your hunt by blocking unwanted "trash targets" or giving you a pretty accurate identification of what the target is. There are very inexpensive machines that respond to all metals and have almost no filtering and ID system. At $150 range, Bounty Hunter offers a couple of machines that are pretty feature-rich, including notch settings to block junk targets. In the $200-$300 range, machines get more features and have more preset hunt modes for various targets. Beyond those price-ranges, you can get some pretty exotic machines with tons of features and more reliability.

    When you are comparing gold machines to relic and coin machines, you are in another ball-park. Gold-target optimized detectors, like the Gold Bug, Gold Bug II, and others find gold better than standard machines. They can pickup even tiny deposits of gold that a relic machine will most likely miss. They are also enhanced for the mineralization that generally surrounds gold deposits.

    "Water machines" are of several varieties. Most people will use either a PI (Pulse Induction) machine or a VLF (very low frequency - magnetic induction) machine that is waterproof and comes with attached headphones. The PI machines are better in black sand (common on the Pacific). Lots of Easterners are very successful in saltwater with VLF machines once they adjust them right.

    My personal opinion is that Minelab makes the best saltwater detectors... they are made in Australia, but, popular the world over.
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    Jun 2008
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    Metal Detecting
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    Good write-up, Mickey. Hard to expound on your words, except I have used a PI machine in NC and FL waters very effectively for years. ('91 through '08) My PI machine is a fisher Impulse 8 (out of print). I have seen guys using excalibers on the east coast and will agree that Minelabs are the KING of the salt machines (I have never owned one). TTC
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    Sep 2009
    Calgary, AB
    Thank you both for your input. A lot info there. When I bought my detector I went for quality and warranty over pretty digital numbers. My next detector i get I think i'll spend a bit more and get something with both.

    Only reason I asked about the water detector is that I will be moving to the coast of British Columbia in the next few months and would love something I can take to the beaches as well as on dry land.



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