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    Apr 2011
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    What are the best spots in parks? (Tot Lot, Basketball, Baseball, Bleachers, etc)

    I have quite a number of parks around me, and some of them are very large. I am wanting to hit the most likely spots first, but I am not sure what those would be. So far I have had decent luck at Basketball courts, just near the net on the perimeter. Seems a lot of people put change down because they don't want it jingling in their pocket, and it gets knocked into the grass near the net.

    I also hit an outdoor sand volleyball court, and got a few coins on that.

    I hit a *really* old Banyan tree, must be 125-150 years old, got a number of things there.

    I have not hit any of the baseball / softball diamonds, tennis courts, racquetball courts, soccer fields, etc.

    Bleachers sounds obvious, and I have a 4" sniper coil for a BH505 that may prove handy there.

    In the tot lot I found a few coins at the bottom of the slides, where anything that rolls down the slide would naturally land.

    I found a couple coins near benches for people to sit.

    I am looking for other ideas from others on here.

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    You seem to have the parks figured out. I might add to look for old pics of the park in your local library. Sometimes they move certain items, like swings and gym sets. Ask some of the older locals where the horseshoe pits used to be. Most parks don't have pits today. Also, look for slight rises of about 4 to 6 feet especially if the parks hosts fireworks displays. If you are in snow country, try the top 1/3 and bottom of all hills. Good luck. TTC
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    Feb 2009
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    The best spots in old parks are everywhere. No, really. Think about that.
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    Apr 2012
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    First spot I hit are swing sets. Have found a large number of coins in the path of the swings out about 5'.

    Second are any kind of monkey bars where kids would hang upside down.

    Third would be volley ball courts.

    Fourth is the playground and slide

    Fifth is pick nick tables.



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