Newbie to metal detecting
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    Jun 2012

    Newbie to metal detecting

    Im wanting to get into metal detecting i have maybe used one once in my life when i was like 8 im going on 20 now. I have 200$ for right now on it im not gonna go all out on something crazy but what can i get for 200$ metal detector wise that isnt a hunk a junk. I was thinking garrett ace 250 cause thats what everyone seems to start with but whats your opinion? And any tips on where to hunt for coins. I collect alot of coins so thats kinda my inspiration for wanting to metal detect. Any info would help thanks!

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    MrWykel, a 250 is a very good starter. Just was at the Garrett site today and ,according to Charlie, the 250 is the most popular detector in the world. I have been hunting 40+ years. I own one. I am not afraid to suggest it as a good starter. You may wish to upgrade later... a year or so from now. If you upgrade, you will probably keep the 250 for backup. A good deal at about 230 dollars. I will also say that you just might pay for it with the finds you collect. Most of today's machines will do the same but at about 230 dollars, you'll just pay for it sooner. Good luck.
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    Jun 2012
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    I started with a bounty hunter tracker 4 but now I upgraded to an ace 350 I have no xp with the 250 though.
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    Jun 2012
    Well thank you i dont believe detecting is popular at all in my area i never hear or see anyone who does it so maybe ill have some good luck with finding coins or just whatever its seems like a fun hobby ill prob get the 250 then thanks

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    Garrett Ace 250 vs Fisher F2

    The Ace 250 and Fisher F2 aren't the only things worth looking at in this price range. The Tek Delta and the BH Platinum are only a little higher. There are BH/Discovery models in this price range and a little lower if you catch sales. I'm not familiar with the current edition of the Tesoro Compadre but I know it has a fan club in this price category. White's may have something competitive in this price range or slightly higher, I'm not up to date on their current lineup.

    It's not just about the list price and machine spex, it's also about what kind of detecting you intend to do, what sorts of products you like and don't like personally, whether or not you have a local dealer, and what kind of bargain you can work out with a dealer (local or forum sponsor).

    Even though I work for Fisher-Tek-BH/Discovery, I'm not afraid to admit there are other products out there that have a good reputation. In the past I've worked for White's and Tesoro and have respect for those companies and their products. Since you're a newbie, the important thing is to get something that does a good job that's in your price range, so if this hobby is meant for you, you'll be swinging a beeper that makes it possible. Then when you decide to move up to a more expensive machine...... well...... we have those too.

    Welcome to the hobby!

    --Dave J.

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    Jun 2012
    Thanks dave j i think ill prob go with the f2 it seems like it does the same thing when i was comparing them on youtube and you get more extras for the money and its only 5 dollars more!

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    Jun 2012
    Well thanks for letting me know about the f2 anyways



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