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    Nov 2004
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    Visit with a nice guy..., not me. We all know better than that, eh!

    I was at the local fairgrounds today, doing a little recon. Having come behind the pullout of the county fair, I know now is the time to get the lay of the land. With about 5-7 acres, I needed to get a quickie map done up as to what was where, when things were hoppin'.

    Well, let me say, targets were everywhere! No sooner than I stepped from the `Treasure Truck, did I start to get hits with my carry-all, the little Yeller Feller. Some were coins on the surface ( I picked up several dimes and cents), but most were buried. Some for a long time as they were several inches deep - one was a 1947 cent. My research only hints at such things, so that Lincoln was a nice surprise. I found everything from dart shafts to lightbulbs, from pulltabs to $.01-.10-.25

    While there, I was accosted by a bloke who was adamant that I was on private property. He was trying to be stern, but I was having none of that. After only a moment, I could sense that he was only "doing his job" and soon had his feathers smoothed, schmoozed a bit, and we became fast chums. Like most folks, he was really a nice guy - all I hadda do was turn things a bit and let him be one.

    As it turns out, he is the chain-smoking** president of the local chapter and has total jurisprudence over the entire place - and he gave me an open invitation to it. "Anytime, Dave, anytime. Dont bother to call, just come on out."
    Great guy, Sam. He even told me where they used to hold the fair "back in the day." Most of it is asphalt and Burger King, these days, but there remains hope. And, if all else fails, I can get a burger while I plan my next junk-et.

    ** For the record, I LIKE smokers. Right off, you know they aint perfect or too good for anyone. The poor dears, they have to bear the chastisement of todays holier-than-thou, doo-gooding citizens - "The Nosy Patrol" - forcing them ever farther from society at large. They are so sublimely vulnerable in their folly... oh, that all folks were so humbly "imperfect." BTW - I dont smoke.

    As to the gleanings for this brief outing. Here they are:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was mostly reconnoitering, so I just hit this and that, here and there, running little patterns where I knew the violent rides and midway had been and where the gazillions of teen attendees hung out. I wasnt dissapointed.

    In a little over an hour, I turned up the items seen. There were plenty more targets to take note of, but I just didnt dig them. Many were steady SZ indications and others rung-up dead on lightbulb and pulltab. I know, they could be rings, other gold, and who knows what untold treasures. But, I was on a recon mission, remember? Focus, man, focus! (Truth is, they were probably just what the excellent Garrett DISC said they were... SZ's and lightbulbs.)

    No fear... I will earmark this site for an ongoing "Grid and Destroy" campaign. After all, I can have at it til next fall - when the fair comes back to town!

    Hope you got out and into it, my buds and boogers...

    David, SC
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    Someday, you'll die and leave it behind anyway.
    Act accordingly.

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