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Thread: New to forums

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    Jul 2012
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    New to forums

    Hello to all, and may I say I love this forum!

    I'm wanting to get both me and my son into MDing. I have unrestricted permission to MD on some private land near where I live (in Estes Park, Colorado), including around the historic Stanley Hotel. My dilemma:

    I've never MD'd before. My son and I are both (what I would consider) hyper-active CR hunters and silver collectors. He has expressed interest in the MDing department, and I remember friends of the family, and family members who know we collect telling me that if we ever wanted to look around the broken down, recessed buildings, to feel free any time (I also hunt, and provide the aforementioned individuals with ample supplies of tasty vittles).

    I spent 12 years in the military working in ground combat radio operations. Obviously that profession including dealing with tons of different radio bands, waves, etc. However, I don't have the slightest clue where to start when it comes to buying a trustworthy model (mind you, being disabled, I'm on a fixed income and a budget that provides me some, but not a whole lot of wiggle room), what kind of coils we would need. The land includes a medium to large-sized river that hundreds of people fly fish in every year, so I would probably work the banks of those areas, and have no idea which ones work best for both wet and dry land areas.

    Again, I need to stay within a budget close to or around $500-$600. I don't have the slightest clue where to start looking. I don't trust a single online store (yet), and don't know if eBay or Craigslist are viable options.

    So here I am...at the mercy of the lions. I want to bring my son into the fold of something I feel would be a great hobby, and time spent together with him, but I have no idea where to start.

    Anyone care to drop in their 2 cent pieces on this? If not, I completely understand. I've seen similar situations where people new to a society of 'collectors' have been viewed as 'bothersome'. I assure you, my intent is not to be "that person". I'm merely continuing my relentless pursuit of knowledge, of which I have plenty to share as well.

    Happy hunting to you all.

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
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    I would check all the manufacturers websites and look for the local dealer section. I found GOLD-N-DETECTORS in a few minutes. They were listed on the Tesoro and Whites website. I'm sure with a little more searching you could probably find more. I would also check metal detector reviews on line and check youtube videos on detectors you might be interested in. Another idea might be to see if there is a metal detecting club in your area. Metal Detecting, Treasure Hunting Clubs and Associations in Colorado, volume two Vista.
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    Mar 2012
    Divide, Colorado
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    go with Tesoro. they are the only metal detectors with a full lifetime warranty. none of the others even comes close....read the reviews

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    Director-Search & Recovery Team of Oakland County.

    Aug 2005
    In Michigan now.
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    Willie and Badger made excellent suggestions. Check all the detector websites but try to visit a local dealer even if you have to drive a ways to handle various detectors first hand. Tesoro makes some great machines and they are light weight and highest quality. Many of the entry level detectors now have screens to supposed to tell you what it is before you dig, but due to conductivity of metal the screens lie to you. Much better to have a trained ear. You didn't say how old your son was. I suggest both of you have the same brand and model so you can learn from each other. Having a smaller sniper coil is the best investment you can make as you will then be able to maybe get one target under the coil at a trashy location. Try to get a detector with ZERO motion pinpoint or all metal mode for easy of pinpointing. Then you won't need to dig plugs. Coils on all major brands are waterproof only up to the control box. You can read field tests about all the detectors at this link. http://www.losttreasure.com/fieldtests

    Stick with either Tesoro, Garrett, Minelab or White's as these are the best brands.

    Good luck,
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    Jul 2009
    Whiting, NJ
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    Like Sandman says, go with some of those above known and trusted companies. That being said, since you're on fixed budget, I would even go less expensive than the $5-600 you're thinking about investing. Another reason to go cheaper, this may not be the hobby for you. A few months down the road you, or your son may have lost complete interest. Yeah, yeah, you have the passion now, but things can change. Besides, you can always upgrade at a later date.

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    Northern California

    Aug 2007
    Southern California
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    Hello fuzymunky and welcome,
    All the suggestions above are right on but for several reasons:
    1) The folks 'local' to your area will understand if the area has special ground minerialization or EMFI constraints and therefore
    A) Which machines will handle these two typical potential problems
    2) The dealers or club members who are trying to help you should be asking you some questions about what you want to hunt for and how much time you have to spend as well as other questions.

    In general all the "good brands" will have starter to expert machines so I would suggest you learn which machines of those brands meet your price range and then search forums that talk about those machines. Also talk with dealers and club members.

    I'm a Whites user and the brand and company has always served me well. IF you are willing to take a gamble and find a used White's 6000D coinmaster, there are other versions of this general detector so look up Whites manual section and read a little about each to see what their differences are, and I am talking about exactly the model I indicated 6000D coinmaster. These come up on ebary and craig's list, can be found at estate sales, pawn shops, etc. I had one years ago that was stolen in 1989 and I miss it! I used it from about 76-89 and found a lot of coins, couple of gold rings, silver rings & coins, stuff and the like, it is still a good machine. I purchased a used one off of ebay for about $120 and I consider that way too much but I know the things work and wanted to put one back into my colleciton. The seller swore everything on it worked so I asked specifically if every switch, button and knob moved readily and easily, yes was the reply. He lied. One of the main tuner knobs was tough to move. I took the case apart and sprayed the unit with electronic's contact cleaner (you likely know about it) and after a good soak it started to turn easier so I kept twisting it back a forth and spray a bit till now it works fine. Also the battery compartment needs a good check cause folks OFTEN forget to remove the batteries and when they leak well the battery compartment gets really ugly! Okay nuff about this part. What I wanted to point out was that this detector can be super tuned so that before you dig the target you will know what it is at least by metal type: copper penny, nickel, silver, gold, steel/beer bottle lid/etc., lead will be tough to tell between gold and nickel, brass will throw you off so you will know.

    If you happen across one of these let me know and I will send you a copy of the instructions for super tuning the unit. But, just in general a modern machine is likely better for you.

    Do your research, get a machine, practice ( build yourself a test garden at home of the above metals with a good three feet between each labeled target and test you machine on them till you learn the 'sound' of each one as well as what the various switch positions mean).....then practice and read some more and then go out and find stuff.......Good Luck..........63bkpkr
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    Jun 2008
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    All good responses above... just don't let the detector become a "closet coil"! TTC
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    Jul 2012
    Retired: Garrett Ace 350, Garrett AT Pro ------- Active: White's DFX 300
    37 times
    Relic Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    You didn't say how old your son was.
    Thanks a TON for that info everyone!

    Sorry Sandman, he'll be 18 in a few months. We're both pretty excited. Not naive that we're going to stumble on to millions in treasure. The excitement is based mainly on hanging out more (he's finally decided his friends aren't cooler than his old man ). Really looking forward to getting out there with him and developing a closer bond together.

    Side note: you guys rock!

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    Director-Search & Recovery Team of Oakland County.

    Aug 2005
    In Michigan now.
    Excal 1000, Excal II, Sovereign GT, CZ-20, Tiger Shark, Tejon, GTI 1500, Surfmaster Pulse, CZ6a, DFX, AT PRO, Fisher 1235, Surf PI Pro, 1280-X, many more because I enjoy learning them. New Garrett Ca
    3957 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I am glad your son is 18 but the suggestion you both use the same brand goes. My son and I chose different brands and we still had a blast. I liked to water hunt more than land and he liked the land because he could just step out of the car. So long as you both have fun. You may PM me anytime.
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