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Thread: Garrett AT PRo Question - Need help interpreting readings

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    Jul 2012
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    Garrett AT PRo Question - Need help interpreting readings

    Hi Everyone,

    I was up in the mountains and running the Garrett AT Pro around on the side of a mountain. There were a lot of readings but the odd thing was that two readings kept hitting constantly. It was Number 35 on the Garrett Scale (iron) and number 53. The # 53 reading would always show at about 10 inches.

    I ground balanced the machine to alleviate mineralization and all. But, that # 53 kept coming up every ten feet or so. The number is in that range for gold rings. I dug once or twice but did not find anything.

    Should I have discriminated that number out or is there a possibility it was something else? i.e. gold nuggets, etc.

    Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have had the AT Pro for about a month and am still trying to figure out how to use that and the double D coil.



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    Nov 2011
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    Most small gold nuggets read in the 40 - 60 range. But some tiny ones will not even give an ID number. And some will read lower if they are near a hot rock. It's not likely that every target you passed up with the same "53" reading is a nugget, but it's a lot better if you find the target and see what you got. Try to analyze the size and strength, depth, tone, iron audio, etc. before digging and you will begin to learn. But at first dig as many targets as possible. A pinpointer can come in handy when you are learning the double d coil. Targets on edge, usually on the wall of the hole can be hard to find without one.
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    It was falsing...lower the sensitivity.
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    53 on my wifes at is nearly always a pull tab

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    lookindown gives good advice, the sensitivity will need to be adjusted for trashy areas as well as high mineral. I dont know salt with the atpro. But gb is dead on with the atpro, and this will help too. Just remember, no matter what the id or depth says, it's all in your ears and a good target will beep beep beep beep tight enough to decide that yes, this is a target, it could be a pulltab or chunk of can slaw or gold ring but yes, you know it is a target and after you are done carefully pinpointing it you can almost bet how big it is and how deep it is, and after a while, you will be able to guess what it is, all by listening to it.
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    Lookindown and Gleaner give good advice. Listen to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lookindown View Post
    It was falsing...lower the sensitivity.

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    Apr 2012
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    On my AT Pro, a 53 on the meter is [I]always[I] a clad nickel. A pull tab can dance around anywhere from 50 to 52 but a nickel is always 53. You were getting some kind of false reading. Just drop the sensitivity and keep swinging. Since some jewelry items would ring in that range, I wouldn't discriminate it out. Dig every signal and let the machine tell you what is under the ground.
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