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Thread: Saturday's Interaction w/ Police

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    Jul 2012
    New Orleans burb
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    Good for you. Great ending.
    Here in the Big Easy you'd need to sport a wheelbarrow or mobile trash compactor. LOL

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    Aug 2009
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    I beg to differ with you, Red.
    I have to beg to differ with you also Terry.I didnt mean just having to do with metal detecting.I've had my run ins more than once with the low IQ rogue cops.The most recent i wasnt doing anything other than sitting in a parking lot waiting for my mother to get out of church.And this happy a$$hole came up and tried accusing me of breaking and entering.He changed his tune real quick when he found out my brother was a deputy chief of police.I dont forget and payback is due.
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    Come out from under your bed today...... DO SOMETHING!

    Jun 2008
    Yarnell,AZ and Titusville,FL
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    Yes, Red. I know the type you allude to. I have worked with some. They are usually newbies, HIDING behind that big badge. The first time they get their clock cleaned, they drop the act. Sorry part is that the bad actors carry the rep of the entire group. ALL bad decisions against cops are from a cop going out of his way to get his T*T in a ringer. TTC
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    The ground at home was covered with snow and I was covered with sweat. My younger brother called me a killer and my Daddy called me a vet. . Still in Saigon, Charlie Daniels Band

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    When you get Tired of the every day grind you turn to a place an time to slow down. Gold prospecting a way of life...

    Oct 2010
    Alabama/ Ohio
    GTI-2500, Whites V3, xplorer XS Cortes & XLT cibola ) Now using a Xterra 705, Tesoro Tiger shark and XLT
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    Glade the officer wasn't badge heavey and throw his weight around I have come across cool ones and badge heavey ones. HH

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    Aug 2009
    Garret Master hunter Cx Plus
    5114 times
    The Truth

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    Garrett watersports!

    Apr 2011
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    Sep 2012
    Eastern PA
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    45 times
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    I have to say that having a father in the state police for 35 years I have been around alot of policemen over the years. Most are good but like any walks of life some are Aholes. The same anywhere like when you knock on doors for permission some say no problem just let me know what you find, others are like hermit crabs and barely or wont even open the door.They act like we just got done robbing the local bank! They really miss out on getting to know you or making a friend or even sometimes lending them a helping hand. I'm glad to see that this particular officer was understanding, after all we as a free country make it hard on ourselves with the rules we make and its not getting any easier !

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    Sep 2012
    Tesoro Outlaw
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    I used to work at a gas station in high school and the first couple of years in college... pump jockey mostly but some repairs as well. This wasn't a convenience store but we did sell coffee and those horrible microwave sandwiches. I never charged police for coffee, they would offer I'd say no. It cost me $2.00 or so a shift. I never felt like they took advantage of it and it kept them in/out of the station regularly. My station was never robbed while 3 others within a couple of blocks were all robbed multiple times. Luck? Perhaps, I just know keeping friendly with police has been something I've done for years. As I did last week, I speak first and I am friendly with them. Even the Aholes that you run into will be nicer if they are treated that way. Depending on their Ahole-ness that still might not be a pleasant experience but it's still better than it could have been.
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    Sands Vincent

    Oct 2012
    lorain, Ohio
    My eye's, hand's, and occasional shovel!! Basically, just my sixth sense!!
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting


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