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Thread: Finding out owner of a field?

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    Oct 2012
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    Finding out owner of a field?

    Hello, yet another field question from detectorMatt. I created a post a while ago asking about detecting in a grassy field and whether it was too grassy to detect in. well I spent a few hours trying, and it seems the further away from the borders of my house and into the field the more it mellows out and there is not so much crab grass and tall grass. I found a nickle, penny and two bullets. One from a .22 and the other I couldn't tell what it came from, and that was just in a small section of it. The field goes on for about 5 acres and then swings around into another area that is about three times the size of the one next to my house, and this bigger area has a lining of trees around it. A quick trek through the forest behind my area and I'm there. But...I wanted to get the owners permission before I really go detecting in it, and all I can come up with is it is owned by some person or outfit in California and there is a care taker who leases it to cut it for hay and grass every year. How do I go about finding out who owns this property? I mean there is no street number or anything for it to even look it up. How has the more experienced on here gone about doing something like this? Any info is greatly appreciated and welcomed, and thanks in advance for looking

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    Jan 2012
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    Just detect it if someone comes around just play stupid with them. Act like you thought it belonged to the persons property u were already on.
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    Finding the owner is pretty simple ask the ones that farm it or you could check the tax maps.My county has GIS maps posted on there website that will give you all the info you need.People that play stupid usually are...I lost an awesome site to some moron that decided to detect and play stupid a couple of years ago.ALWAYS get permission on private property...ask yourself this....if it was your land would you want some moron detecting it without your permission ?
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    If the actual owner is absentee as you stated, the person co-farming maintains all rights under the lease contract, and is effectively the person to contact.

    In our case, we own the land and share-crop (split profits) with a neighboring farmer. Depending on the crop, as the owner, we may or may not elect to permit MDers to hunt.

    And if the fields are fallow at this time, there are no crops that can be destroyed.

    Look at it this way, a person walking across a row crop (such as corn) can do little crop damage. However, if the crop is a seed crop such as winter wheat, a walking path across a field could mean hundreds of bushels of wheat might be destroyed...thats lost cash to a farmer...

    Farming is a tough business and fighting weather such as drought, hail, rain, flooding, fires, winds and pests is a ongoing battle...

    MDing is like pheasant or rabbit hunters, always ask permission, and always offer to give back for the privilage.
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    I'd get in touch with the fellow that does the cutting.
    He can see and hear you directly and you can actually show him what you're about.
    I would not contact the absentee landowner's. Let the tenant farmer do that if he feels it's necessary.
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    Nov 2012
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    Id ask the person who is cutting the grass as he is the leasing person and will know what's going on with the ground.
    Great point stefen.
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    Camp ot there for a week, I'll bet the owner will show up



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