Hunting old cemeteries
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Thread: Hunting old cemeteries

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    Dec 2005
    Richmond Indiana
    White's XLT

    Hunting old cemeteries

    Has anyone had any luck IN old cemeteries. I have looked through three and my only good find was a buffalo nickel. That was in an area where I knew the hitching posts were supposed to have been.
    Was in one last Saturday. Fought brambles and weeds. Got a couple bullet casings and shotgun shell bases and one [i]faucet handle[i]. Not very satisfying, but enjoyed the atmosphere of the old place.

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    Head Above Water

    Nov 2004
    Lee's Tavern Road
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    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    It all comes down to the number of people who have visited it ... and left of course; not the ones who stay!
    Every place is different, every locale unique. Assume nothing, be thorough and only log the facts.

    Something else that might be worth pondering is the ways that the dead have been interred in the past. Here's how my "research" comes out on the topic:

    1. In family plots. These were most often near the "old family place," although usually out of sight somewhere. After all, few wanted THAT reminder of what awaits us all so close to home. So, where there is an old, forgotten cemetary, there may be an old house site nearby as well.
    2. In church yards. These are, and were, most often adjacent to the church, within at least eyesight.
    I know of one old cemetary where the church moved back in the 20's. The graveyard remains, forgotten and alone, with only the woods for company. The "new" church is now 4 miles away - with a new churchyard to occupy the attentions of the living..
    3. Communal burial yards - normally at the outskirts of town, or a little beyond for towns and cities. Nowadays, the town has probably surrounded the graveyard, and in some cases even moved on or been diverted in it's growth. These last sorts are ideal. Since, it takes decades for such growth to occur, the surrounding neighborhoods are bound to be oldies. Such graveyards are invariably in the "bad" parts of town, though, weed choked and overlooked.

    The first two are the best for our purposes. Proabably the worst is the one right in town. Well kept and considered "monuments" themselves, there are now far more people around them to observe you. Many of these folks may not take kindly to your detecting there.

    Obviously, you've overcome the theo-moral issues of cemetary detecting, so we wont re-hash those.
    You'll get it all. Or you won't.
    Someday, you'll die and leave it behind anyway.
    Act accordingly.

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    Supreme Chancellor

    Oct 2005
    High Five!
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    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    I've heard great stories of coins found in and around cemeteries but certainly don't have one of my own. I've hunted several over the past year and haven't found a single old coin.

    If you are ever up near Muncie send me a message and we can go hunting sometime!


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    Detecting Don

    Apr 2005
    Olathe, KS
    Minelab SE PRO
    30 times
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    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    I have hunted 3 cemeteries, I found a couple old wheats in one and nothing in the other two. Just like other hunt sites there is no rhym or reason why we find what we do or why we don't find. Personally I think Cemetaries are a great place to hunt, I just prefer to either have permission of find cemeteries off the beaten path.
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    Apr 2007
    Wagoner, OK

    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    Do it in the dark. I think there are plenty around that do hunt at night. Why?? I think so they won't be seen but?? Don't hunt around the stones! it is possible that many have left rings and such there, best left there. No matter how one looks at it you can rationalize what ever you do. Some hunt in woods, state land, parks and know they should not be there. Follow you morals or ethics. Don't worry what anyone else thinks. Thats the way its always been.Most do it for injoyment others do it for self profit. I don't think most have given what they have found to any Historical Socity or museum.. Soo, have fun and clean up the mess..L

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    May 2007
    Sunny South Florida
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    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    I've had loads of success. Every coin imaginable, silver and gold jewelry, (not 6' deep either). This is my all time favorite place to hunt, and the residents don't bother ya.!

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    Jun 2007
    2 times

    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    I wouldn't hunt a public cemetary myself..but..there is an old one on my family's property that is all grown up. No one besides my family really even know its there. I hunted out there a little bit and oddly found a bunch of mule harness stuff scattered about with the occasional modern rifle round or shotgun shell.
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    Feb 2007
    Williamsport, Home of Little League Baseball
    Excalibur 1000, JW Fisher Pulse 8X
    2 times

    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    The only luck that I have had in old cemeteries is that I am not in one yet.
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    Apr 2007
    Gulf Coast, Texas
    AT Pro, Bounty Hunter Land Star, Ace 250, Garrett 1350
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    Re: Hunting old cemeteries

    Man, I have always wanted to do a cemetary, seems like it would be a great place, due to people leaving stuff there...
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    Feb 2017
    North Central Arkansas
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    Haven't hunted a cemetery yet but one day going to try it.

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    Jan 2010
    DFW Texas
    Minelab E-TRAC, Garrett ProPointer, Lesche Digger
    2346 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by junkhunt View Post
    Haven't hunted a cemetery yet but one day going to try it.
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