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Thread: Garrett AT Pro - Not Impressed

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    "Diggin with Kap" on Youtube!

    Sep 2013
    Downtown Lehman
    minelab safari,whites m6, AT Pro, Ace 250 and whites coin master, Garrett AT propointer (garrett carrot), Lesche hand digger, 5x8 & 8.5x11 DD coils for the Pro, Camera is Ion Air Pro 3
    830 times
    Metal Detecting
    its personal preference and you may have gotten a lemon like someone else said. 10 hours into me learnin mine i wasnt impressed either...until about 50-60 hours i really started liking it. I could hear and tell if there bottle caps or no in pro mode Zero. Dont give up on it just yet. you can read the owners manual online and watch some youtube vids...i think once u put more time in u might like it! if not well...its not for everyone...
    "You can observe a lot by just watching."-Yogi Berra

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    Jul 2013
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    I've had my AT pro 3 yrs and had no problems. I have mine dunked in the water all the time. Had the stock coil go bad after about a year and that's when I bought the 5/8 coil and haven't gone back to the stock since. Great machine has found me many gold and silver rings.

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    we exist,and we are watching you

    Nov 2011
    garrett,minelab,fisher,,,atp current weapon of choice
    3400 times
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    It sounds like a reset is in order 1st.turn on then hold power button untill tou hear it beep,about 5 secs.Then try pro mode zero,iron at 25 and test on known targets.If you still arent getting good results call garrett.The atp is pretty darned fast and it sure sounds like somethings wrong.let us know.also it seems happiest when after ground balancing you manually lower the setting by 5.sens one bar down from top.

    these are my mtn.settings and I have been very happy with performance.
    I dont care which machine you use...you're gonna dig trash.
    an extra thousand bucks aint gonna solve that.

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    Apr 2015
    CZ-21, Minelab Equinox, Garrett AT Pro
    1246 times
    Metal Detecting
    Quote Originally Posted by Tnmountains View Post
    One of things I want out of the ATP that I do not get is a fast recovery speed. I get a signal and immediately want to sweep it again but have to wait for the screen to clear. It seems if I do fast sweeps like you do with the old beep machines the digital machine does not keep up. I also hate having to look at the screen. I have something set wrong where I am not getting the iron grunt and the high audible on brass or say silver anymore. The screen reads it very slowly.
    Are you in PRO zero mode? Did you make sure iron audio is turned OFF and iron discrimination is set to zero mode?

    I've accidentally turned off pro mode, or turned on iron audio with iron disc set at zero. Both embarrassing moments.
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    Minelab Equinox 800,Fisher CZ-21, Excalibur II

    ... waiting to see that elusive dowser on the beach with a bucket of gold rings ...

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    Charter Member

    Nov 2010
    SouthWestern USA
    Etrac, F75, AT Pro.
    1949 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hunted today, found a silver necklace and a pendant. I use Pro custom, disc at 35, sens 3 bars from the top with a 5x8 coil.

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    Any day out detecting, is a good day !

    Jun 2012
    Fisher F75 Ltd, GTAx1000 (Coil Died), AT-Pro (died), Tesoro Sand Shark,Ctx3030, Whites V3i.
    40 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman View Post
    I feel your pain.

    I have lots of experience with many detectors and have had two AT Pro's that were not up to par when a good friend bought me another AT PRO. This one almost works as advertised but I don't trust it and it hangs on my wall. Maybe you just received one of the first ones produced and it isn't working as it should. I don't know, but I have many detectors that I trust to not waste my time using or having to second guess what it is telling me.

    I must agree with Sandman.
    I originally bought the At-Pro. granted it may have been an early model. It worked great for 2 years and I liked it.
    Then one cold windy day out in field it started falsing out for no reason. I always take very good care of my gear in transportation and storage. After much trawling through the help sections and indeed here, we traced the the problem to either the coil or the head unit. Sadly it was not the coil .
    I thought it was just me, as I hunt alot. So I was advised to try Minelabs and Fisher. I have had no problems with my CTX or F75 gear since, touch wood.
    It maybe just my luck, I like Garretts but, I'm a little nervous of ever purchasing another Garrett.
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    Mar 2016
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Guys, I have had experienced the same issues. My son, my wife and I all purchased the AT Pro. My son has gone crazy with this thing and has found coins and silver up to 11 inches deep. I myself feel it is gut feeling and luck. I have found most of my coins at 4 - 5 inches and some silver at 5 -6 inches. However, what my problem is the Iron Discrimination and separation. My son can pick a coin out right next to a nail or under the nail. Not me.. not my wife. If I am near any iron or what ever I can not here what he hears. So to sum up this I believe it is 1. The user and experience. 2. The machine and capabilities. 3. The trust in you gut feeling of that tone. I have dug a silver dime in a hole that had iron grunts coming back in the tones. But I kept hearing that ping of high faintly so I dug it. Whala a silver dime with nails around. Give it time. It is a good machine. However there are better and pricier ones out there. All in what you want. I just experienced a bad time with mine in St Croix. I was hoping to do some beaches but it was so chattery and iron. Forget the saltwater. I tried what they said about GB down to 10 - 18. Sensitivity down to 3 bars. That did not work either. ATPro not for the saltwater. Did not work well on dry sandy saltwater beach either. May be because of the hurricane pushed a ton of crap up on the beach. idk.


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