BH Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag
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Thread: BH Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag

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    Feb 2013

    BH Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag

    I recently purchased a sharp shooter ultra mag by bounty hunter. So far I'm the scrap yards greatest asset. I'm finding loads of old scrap metal, jar lids and odds and ends iron pieces. Granted I enjoy finding just about anything even if its just an old rusty piece of metal. I keep everything I find cause even old rusty bits are worth something if you get enough of them. So with that being said I am looking for someone with similar experience with this type of detector or one of similar nature. Some helpful tips or tricks in getting the maxim potential out of this machine. I am by far not a professional at this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jan 2010
    Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
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    I was out hunting an old homestead (early 1900's vintage), last weekend. I also found a ton of iron items. I was looking to find the trash dump and outhouse site. The area had been subdivided many times, so its likely that the land I was looking at only had the remains of a barn on it from that earlier time.

    I have hunted for relics for years, and hoped I might find some interesting stuff there, but that was not the case - I did find a lot of old metal parts by the foundation of (what I suspect) was a small shed near some barbed wire fenced off area, but everything else I found in the acres around it were quite recent. Some TH trips are just for the experience doing it.

    I was with someone using a BH Discovery 2200 and I was using a Whites 5900 SL Pro (I have used it for at least 15 years - it's an excellent relic detector). Our finds were quite similar. Your machine is not holding you back. Research about the site is usually what to takes to find areas of interest - that can require a lot of searching about the area surrounding it as well.

    I tend to try to find the main areas that were inhabited - Old roads/paths, Trash Dumps and outhouse sites are key areas.
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    Feb 2013
    Thanks Jmoller99. I really like my BH. I think it's a pretty neat machine. I realize that it probably doesn't have all the gizmos that the higher end machines have but I couldn't see dropping that kinda cash on something I occasionally use.

    I'm a rookie at metal detecting and my work schedule doesn't allow me to do it at often as id like to. So I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.

    Like you I prod around old home sites. It takes some dedication to work through the metal that's just laying around all over these places. However patience will payoff. For me it's about the outdoors and the history of an old place. I really appreciate the tips. Feel free to offload some more in my direction sometime and happy hunting.

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    Feb 2013
    Bounty Hunter AT Pro XTERRA705 whites coinmaster
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    Thanks.I am glad you posted that.I have the same BH Sharp shooter that i bought at Cabela's.I still have been learning mine and finding lots of interesting stuff With it.Going to be a great new hobbie for me.



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