farm in logansport indiana
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    May 2013
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    farm in logansport indiana

    the property where the farm used to be was turned into field ugh so i had barely any room to hunt. i was dissapointed at how little space i had i did find some lead but thats not what i was hoping for. i should come back in the fall when i can did where i please maybe then i should find coins not sure if i will though cause there is 13 years of crap in the soil also its clay is this good or bad when detecting? is it going to be harder to find things with them plowing for so long?

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    i myself havent run into any issues digging with clay soil beeps good signals dig ut the firdt and there isnt a lot of first dibs spots so being the first id assume ur goin to have to get the trash layer if any on the top if iys a decent area mayn u could even grid the area just to help u kno where u have been and need to still go to good luck sounds like it has some potential hh

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    I like fields that have been plowed over and over. If they're occasionally plowed deep with discs, this can really help bring some really old stuff to the surface. I'd be more concerned with the history and if there is going to be much more than some broken tractor parts out in there. Hopefully people lost items hand picking. Maybe you will come across an old dump with glass etc too!

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    May 2013
    north liberty indana
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    yes there is a dump site down the road but didnt chrck it out yet should be interesting to see if there is kool things to find in either place



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