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Thread: Minelab X-TERRA 705 VS AT PRO

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    Garik Fox

    May 2019
    Queen Creek, AZ
    EQ800, GM1000, GPX5000
    45 times
    Metal Detecting
    I vote Minelab
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    It is what it is, until it "Is" what it is.

    Aug 2013
    170 times
    willybe, interesting you picked those two machines? First off any kind of moisture go with the AT-pro, both are excellent machines but neither the unit head or the standard coil of the 705 is water proof nor water resistant. I had Morning dew mess up my 705 coil, which ultimately led me to get rid of the unit. I tell everyone you can compare the science but not the technology. The science is simple enough and the technology goes around the horn in micro electronics and micro computing, all is very close and similar. I can say beyond experience that all major players are very close to each other with performance. all of that said, your use to the bell bongs and face plate setup of the Garrett, so stay with Garrett.
    Good luck and Stay Gold!!

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    Jul 2019
    Garrett Ace 250 Garrett AT Pro
    Metal Detecting
    I also had Garrett Ace 250. When I was choosing a new metal detector I had the same question. I had chosen the Garrett AT Pro
    My blog & metal detector reviews here: https://detecthistory.com/

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    Jan 2017
    East of snowflake Arizona completely off grid
    Mine-Lab X-Terra 705 with three coils 5x10 hf,9 inch 7 mf and 6 inch hf Garrett AT pro
    356 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by falconman515 View Post
    Bumping this thread since it asks my EXACT QUESTION

    I am now down to these two detectors ... and I know most replies will be biased ... those who have the AT Pro will say "The AT Pro" and those who have the X-Terra 705 will say "Get the 705"!!! (Please none of those!!!)

    I am looking for Unbiased replies ... I know both are great machines an I know I woudn't go wrong with either BUT I want to know more as of lately about these instead of what I have read in the past threads over the past couple years.

    Anything new to say about these machines?

    I am about 90% sold now on the Minelab but I'm gonna open this up just to see what recent "UNBIASED" comments we can get on the two compared side by side if possible.

    Please only chime in if you can tell me maybe you have used both and not just to say one is better then the other cause you have it (you can't comment on a VS. thread if you have never used both).

    Thanks so much.
    it has been awhile since I have posted anything on Tnet I will try to answer your question as best I can I have both the Xterra 705 and the At pro purchased both at the same time back in 09 or 2010 while my wife and I was living in Ohio this was my findings with both machines.

    My wife and I owned and lived in a house that was built in 1889 which is what actually got me into this great hobby of metal detecting the ATP was purchased for my wife because of its simplicity of use neither one of us had ever metal detected but with that being said we did not want to purchase detectors that we would make us feel like we needed to upgrade anytime soon so we chose the ATP and the 705,the house we owned and lived in had a back yard that was approximately 3/4 of an acre of land so we had plenty of area to detect and learn the machines we purchased I would have my wife detect a area and let her dig her targets once she would finish an area I would have her to switch areas with me I would detect her area and she would detect the area which I had been in but what I would do if I got a hit that she either missed or the ATP missed I would have her to come back over and sweep the target what I found was this if the targets were deeper then six inches the ATP would not even give a hint that there was a target to dig we did this for several months finally we ended up grid ding the back yard off and I would have my wife to just concentrate on digging the shallower targets with the ATP and I would dig the deeper targets with the 705 I was digging mercs and other targets that were over the six inch depth that the ATP would not hit on I still have both detectors but the 705 is my main detector I feel still to this day that the 705 is one of the most under rated detectors to have ever been produced the ATP I keep around for one reason and that is so I have a loaner machine for people that come and visit and I am in no way saying the ATP is a bad machine because it is not we made some great finds with it we do not hunt in the rain so I do not worry about water proof and at my age you will never see my fat butt jumping off into a body of water because contrary to what people say fat people don't float.

    One suggestion I have if you are seriously considering the 705 is go to the Mine lab site and look for a the E book written by Randy Horton better known as Digger called Understanding your X Terra it is full of all kinds of info and well worth the read you will find in that book information on all the X Terra line you will also realize there is more to the 705 than meets the eye
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    Mar 2020
    Trinity county CA
    Minelab xterra 705/ equinox
    6 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I own the 705 and have a couple coils. I run my 15Ē DD 18.75 kHz when searching old mining camps and smaller coils for prospecting. Depends on where Iím at. I like the target discrimination on the xterra. I can get a good idea of what m target is when Iím prospecting. I switch between coin and prospecting mode when in the creeks looking in bed rock to sort thru the trash.


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