Blanket antenna/coil
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    Blanket antenna/coil

    Has anybody tried to use accurate locators blanket coil antenna 3100 or 2100 system? I want to search the widest area up to 2-4' down. It seems like they've advertised what would work for me behind my atv buy need some intel. The $4500 is a pretty steep price for an unconfirmed detector.

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    adamlux, in the Gold Prospecting section, a couple of sections down from this one, the first in the group os Gold Prospecting. Within that there is a thread Accurate Locators it discusses a type of blanket detector. Most folks on here do not think much of "Large Search Area Devices" however, in this months issue of ICMJ's Mining Journal and right on the cover is a picture of a 20 Troy Ounce Golden Blessing, this gold was found by a fellow using a Large Search Area Device, The gold slug is actually 29 ozs. with the story on page 29, the finder is shown holding the blob of gold with the 'electronic gadget' in the background. This story was posted on Tnet however I was unable to locate it in time to include it in this response. One note here - the locator indicated the possible target was there and the 'general location', the actual location was found by using a metal detector.

    Best of luck in your search.........................63bkpkr
    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm



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