Mexican soil rocky mountain soil for zacatecas MX
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Thread: Mexican soil rocky mountain soil for zacatecas MX

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    Jan 2014
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    Mexican soil rocky mountain soil for zacatecas MX

    I'm looking for the best metal detector for mexican soil really rocky and some mountains.there is stories from grandparents that have been passed down from 120 years ago from the Mexican revolution Pancho villa era . Where people would hide gold coins in caves or buried up too 12inches to 5 feet feet down and people have found in wooden boxes coins or in metal bases . What's the best metal detectors for that job in price range of $3000 to $5500 max ?

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    Mar 2011
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    With that budget, I'd get a CTX3030 with a 17" coil and a two box detector such as a White's TM808. That should cover just about anything you mentioned. Talk to your grand parents and other family and friends about those stories but take them with a grain of salt. Most of the time they've been embellished and stretched to extremes but there may be a kernel of truth to them. Even finding a small cache can be a life changer. Let us know how you make out!

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    As mark says, a 2-box machine is what you want for cache hunting. Not necessarily because it can detect a box-sized object than conventional detectors, but a bigger part of the reason (IMHO) is that they don't see anything smaller than a soda can. That makes them the "perfect discriminator" to ignore nails, pulltabs, pesky individual coins, etc... Because if you go out with a standard machine thinking "I'll only dig big signals" or "I'll ignore all small sounding stuff", etc... you will spend forever and a day second-guessing sizes of objects. So just get a 2-box unit, like the TM 808.

    But as Mark says too: Mexico is filled with superstitions , legends, lores, etc... Everyone thinks a treasure is "certainly in every cave". Why? Because someone told someone, who told someone, who told someone, who told someone, who told ......... well, you get the picture. Just fanciful stories. And to test that theory: the next time you hear of a box of coins that someone down there supposedly discovered, start asking key questions: Ie.: did they actually SEE the coins for themselves?? Because the minute you start asking questions of these supposed discoveries, you will see they fall apart. For example, the person will say "well, I didn't actually see them for myself, but my brother in law saw them!!". So you track down that brother in law, and quizz him. Turns out he didn't actually see them either, "but he knows the guy, who knew the guy". So you track down THOSE persons. Turns out they too never actualy saw it. But no problem, because they too heard it from a reliable source. So you track down THAT "reliable source". And guess what? I goes into infinite regression! At some point you come to realize, there NEVER was a treasure, and it was dreamed up 40 yrs. ago as a fun story to tell the grandkids before they went to sleep at night, or a guy who drank too much tequila, then saw "smoke coming from the ground" or "had a vision where he saw sparkles on the floor of the cave" or some such nonsense.

    But hey, you never know. So get a 2-box unit, and let us know how you do
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    Hey jayko26!! Been through Zacatecas many times on my way to Guad!! Pretty Area!! Oh by the way, it is the site of the first recorded UFO sightings in the Northern Hemisphere!! You might find more than just Gold or Silver!! Possibly something Alien!! He He!! GOOD LUCK and GOOD HUNTING!! VERDE!!

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    Jan 2014
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    I know there is rumors but I've seen 10 years ago where they have dug chest with gold centenarios so is not like is fake because I've seen it happen Many people go go but is local people from Mexico In the 3 hour drive with the cheap metal detectors so I'd figure a $5500 budget would be better then a cheap machines they would take so yeah just don't know

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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    jayko26, When you say:

    "..... I've seen 10 years ago where they have dug chest with gold centenarios....... "

    Can you please elaborate a bit more? Eg.: Did you actually see the coins? Or just WHERE the coins were purported to have come from? And if someone "showed you coins", did you actually see them coming out of the ground, or ... merely .... "someone showing you some coins"? (which they claimed came from such & such spot in the ground).

    In other words, did you see a box coming out of the ground, in-situ, then opened, and see actual coins, etc... ? My hunch is you did not. You invariably were told of the event, and someone pointed to a spot, and said "there's where a box of coins were found". So in your mind, you: " ....saw where a chest of coins with gold" came from. Right? But notice, you did not see actual coins, nor box, nor the actual supposed recovery, and so forth. Or if you DID see coins, you're going by someone's say-so that "they came from a box which had been there". Well think of it: SO TOO can a lot of guys on T'net (any coin-collector, for that matter), show you a bunch of coins, and say "it was found in a box over there". And who would you be to doubt us?

    Anyhow, I heard all such "first hand I saw" type stories when I travelled all over Mexico with my host. But each and every time, when you scrutinize it, no matter HOW "first-hand" it sounded, it eventually fell apart.

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    Oct 2012
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    Have tm808. Like new. Goes deep. 500.00



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