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    No MD yet, But have Ideas Where I should Hunt

    Hi all,

    Just ordered my Prizm III today so of course I don't have it, but I've been thinking of places around where I live that I can search.

    Our huge yard, who knows what's in the ground here. We've lived here since 84, and mom says it's at least 100 or more years old. Supposedly there was once a hotel on the land it was built on that burned down ages ago, I emailed a Vashon historian about that, waiting for a reply.

    I live on a isthmus that they filled in in 1912 and built a road to connect two small islands (Vashon and Maury) to create one large island, Vashon. Because of this, we have water and beaches on both sides of our road.

    One side facing towards West Seattle has a combination of settings. Directly across the street it's rather rocky and muddy when the tide goes out. Further down the right side it has clay from the sides of a small cliff that ppl actually have houses on, I've always worried about them falling down some day! Then far down the right we have a fishing dock, and then farther down from that is KVI beach a popular place for people to go swimming and sunning in the summer, it's the sandiest of the beaches along this part of the shore.

    Then on the side facing Tacoma and thereabouts is a very ugly beach, loads of mud and drift wood, no sand. BUT this location, along the side of it, is where people on Vashon gather every July 4th to watch the fireworks that are launched on a barge on that water. I figure that this is a great place to see what ppl have lost over the years of this going on and would be good to check esp after this years 4th. Though I'm concerned with finding a lot of old pop and beer related crap because it is where ppl go to party that night, LOL!

    We also have a wooded area near where I live that I used to go in when I was a lot younger. I remember finding a old foundation of a house that is no longer standing. If it's not to badly overgrown since I was last there I might check that area out to.

    I hope these locations will keep me busy for awhile and will yield some interesting stuff. I already have a digital camera so if I have anything to share I can take pictures of them.

    Sonja Marie

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    Jan 2005
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    Re: No MD yet, But have Ideas Where I should Hunt

    it should keep you busy,my yard is only from the 40s and i found some mercs and a few wheats and misc.stuff here. welcome to the hobby! hh bigrig
    whites mxt,dd1400 coil

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    Jan 2005
    Knee Deep In A Creek in Maryland
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    Re: No MD yet, But have Ideas Where I should Hunt

    Sounds like an ideal situation. You can literally walk from your house to some of the best detectoring sites. Detectoring? Is that a real word? Good luck!

          "Semper Fi"


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    Jan 2005
    Stanfield, Oregon
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    Re: No MD yet, But have Ideas Where I should Hunt

    It's a real word to all of us. Yeah! You do live in a good spot. You can detect numerous types of sites & don't have to travel a long way to find them. We all wait in anticipation of your finds. You're gonna change your life for the better. Detecting is the best THERAPY I have found for a busy mind. Welcome to the forum & best of luck detecting. Keep us posted. Spotz

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    Random chance seems to have operated in our favor

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    Re: No MD yet, But have Ideas Where I should Hunt

    Sonja, that's a beautiful part of Washington up there. You're bound to find some very good place to hunt. My aunt /uncle live not far from Puget Sound, Anacortes(sp). HH



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